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I recently saw the film with screenwriter Rafael Urrea Soto and we can humorously conclude that there are 10 rules to kidnap an intellectual such as Houellebecq.The story of the famous rapper Nas is a similar story and inspiration to thousands of musicians that are rapping today in the streets of Colombia. These young people dream of playing for fame and to emulate one of the largest revolutionary music idols of this century.The 2014 TriBeCa Film Festival has just concluded, and after an immense, fantastical, and tumultuous two weeks of Mala Mala's premiere. I'm still in shock.We set out to tell a new kind of story with Mala Mala -- focusing on the humanity of Puerto Rico's trans and drag communities, breaking them free from any pre-prescribed binaries.Saving the movie-going experience won't save America's middle class, but letting it go will lead us deeper down the hole of Internet isolation and greater separation from each other at a time when Americans need more real-world, interpersonal connections, not fewer.Last Wednesday night, I once again had the privilege of attending the highly coveted and nearly impossible to get into, 2014 Deluxe Vanity Fair Tri...By Noah J. Nelson (@noahjnelson) Journalist Nonny de la Pea has been pioneering the use of virtual reality to tell documentary stories for years no...TurnstyleTech news and digital culture from the West Coast.Where Cox was going for poignancy, much of what remains is perplexity.Gabriel is a powerful look at a young man who could be anyone's son and who desperately wants to be able to function without medication and without continued treatment. It reminds us how real mental illness is and how - - devastating its impact can be.Rachel Busman, PsyDClinical psychologist specializing in anxiety and mood disorders in children and adolescentsIn our view, the Pope has the potential to be one of the most epic innovators in history. After all, not even Shakira has 1.2 billion followers.I tried to distance myself from California by moving to New York City, but I never was able to shake my connection to the tomato industry, so three years ago, I began an expos on the labor practices in agriculture -- something my father, by the way, heartily endorsed.Not to label it a leftover festival, but there is the sense that - - the movies in Tribeca have either already had their debut elsewhere or, more to the point, didn't have a debut elsewhere because they didn't make the cut. Still, I always enjoy the opportunity that Tribeca affords me as a critic and curator.Screening at the Tribeca Film Festival next week, Love is Strange is an adult love story by veteran indie filmmaker Ira Sachs.Land Ho!, a road trip comedy co-written/directed by filmmakers Martha Stephens and Aaron Katz, follows two retirees through the nightclubs and other dangers of Iceland.Clara Mamet has an old soul. Something about her reminds me of Mel Brooks and Myron Cohen, except Mamet is 19-years-old and has probably never heard o...Rob TaubWriter, Comedian & Television CommentatorMark Duplass is an indie staple who has re-pioneered a Neo-Realism as an actor, producer, writer and director in films like The Puffy Chair, Cyrus and Humpday.