Tremec Tko 5-speeds - Choosing The Right One

Keep in the mind that transmissions are usually rated pertaining to torque, not really horsepower. The Actual TKO500 can be obtained along with both a 10-spline Ford pattern input shaft or even a 26-spline GM pattern input shaft. In case you have a truly tall rear tire, your reduction throughout effective gear ratio the tire provides wants to be taken in to account. of torque, as well as the TKO600 is rated at 600 lb.-ft. Which is if the TKO600 using the 0.82 overdrive may be the greatest choice. Many Tremec distributors could enable a person to figure out what input shaft you will need if you have the higher than mentioned information.When choosing a TKO which is right for your current car, you have to contemplate the engine's torque output, your own rear axle ratio, your current tire size, your current engine's temperament, and your typical cruising speed. for more details on TKO specifications, options, as well as the great items about an overdrive, take a look at my some other content articles within this series.Keisler Engineering includes a actually useful instrument in their website known as any Speed Analyzer. You may find four various input shaft patterns obtainable for your TKO inside a Ford: ten spline along with 26 spline, short or perhaps long. In case you are running 30" tall Mickey Thompsons, however, your tire height will make a 3.73:1 rear axle ratio carry out a lot more like a 3.25:1 axle ratio would using a 26" tall tire!The fourth thing to consider can be your engine's temperament, alongside along using your driving habits. Something by getting an axle ratio in the higher threes or more (3.73, 3.90, 4.10, 4.30, 4.56, etc.) will be far better suited towards the TKO600. Give Keisler Engineering a contact from (865) 609-8187 to learn more about TKO transmissions as well as exactly what it takes in order to install 1 inside your muscle mass vehicle or street rod. the TKO600 is only obtainable with all the stronger 26-spline GM pattern. When anyone understand how all these work together, you are ready to choose the transmission that fits your needs the best. for the particular input shaft length, basically anyone have to understand what dimension as well as yr engine an individual have, as well as what depth your current bellhousing is. If you've the Ford, you'll must know the engine size and year, as well as the bellhousing depth. By: Keith FarrenArticle Directory: http://www.articledashboard.comIf muscle cars and also street rods tend to be your thing, an individual is likely to be interested during my pages on Classic Automobile Repair Resources, Auto Repair Information, along with American Classic Auto Insurance. In your event that a person play with various tire sizes, you are usually in a position to observe how much distinction any tall tire makes, as well as create certain that you're choosing a TKO that may keep your motor happy on the highway. Ford provides used several different bellhousing depths over the years, there are more variations compared to I possess space to have in to here. In the actual event that you've an axle ratio in the mid-threes, (3.42, 3.50, 3.55 you might go together with either one, as well as the proper selection depends about the third along with fourth factors.The third element anyone need to examine is your rear tire size. The tire that's 26-27" tall will be considered pretty typical for any muscle mass car. Numerous those who participate in road racing prefer the actual TKO600 with - web cam show - most the 0.82 overdrive, as it keeps his or her engine throughout its powerband on the road program inside fifth gear, and additionally the 0.64:1 ratio would lower their particular RPM as well much.The last question to answer only pertains to Ford owners. 235/60-15), choose an engine RPM that you need to cruise at about the highway, and then you can see what MPH that combination will yield with your axle ratio. The Actual peak horsepower range doesn't actually make a new difference much, it actually is torque in which breaks things! Your TKO500 will be rated regarding 500 lb.-ft. the reduced 3.27:1 very first gear within the TKO500 will provide anyone with a lot better - see this now - off the particular line acceleration when in comparison to a typical 4 speed, and also assist compensate for that "highway gear" within the rear axle. Even though both TKOs will stand as significantly as somewhat more torque compared to they are generally rated for, you will still need to keep your torque capacity score inside mind.Your 2nd thing you need to consider is the rear axle ratio. Keith Farren is surely an ASE Master Tech with more than two decades expertise within the auto industry. href='' - - . with any rear axle ratio regarding 3.73:1 as well as higher (numerically), your car doesn't require as much "help" off the actual range since the numerically lower axle ratios do, and additionally the slightly taller overdrive of the TKO600 with the 0.64 fifth gear will reduce your highway RPM a little bit more than the actual 0.68:1 that is in the TKO-500. The Particular general rule involving thumb, along with exceptions, is the actual fact that the majority of vehicles using a rear gear within the higher twos or even lower threes (2.73, 3.08, 3.23, 3.36, etc.) will possibly be a great candidate for the TKO500. So you have decided the particular benefits that the TKO 5 speed provides are usually definitely really worth the expense and also effort. An Individual could type within the tire size produced in your sidewall (i.e. Now, the actual question to suit the needs is that one may become the very best match for the car? Accomplish you would like the extra deep first gear within the TKO500, or perhaps would the closer gear spacing in the TKO600 be a far better match for your combination? Ought To you opt for the 0.82 overdrive ratio in the TKO600 instead involving the 0.64? In the particular event that you've any Ford, which usually input shaft do you need?The first figuring out aspect when picking a TKO goes being the engine's energy output. Accomplish you've any relatively mild engine which is happy when cruising in 2000 RPM, or possibly your motor a lot more high-strung as well as doesn't really commence to run cleanly until anyone hit 2800 RPM? Does one frequently drive extended distances about the interstate from 75 MPH, or perhaps can you stay with secondary roads in which you rarely go a lot more than 60 MPH? It is quite feasible to have a lot of overdrive, and also wind up having a vehicle that an individual simply can't put straight into fifth gear unless you are operating no less than 80 MPH since in lower speeds the overdrive drops the motor RPM also much