Traveling in Blade & Soul

Today we're going to be discussing the various travel methods used in Blade & Soul. includes your characters basic movement, Qing Gong, Teleportation Scrolls and Dragon Streams.Let's start things off with your characters basic movement. Like most MMORPGs Blade & Soul uses the W, A, S and D keys to control your character. The W and S keys send your character running forward or backwards while the A and D keys turn your character left or right. It's that simple.Now, for you advanced players looking to get the most out of the game and the best results, you can hold down both the left and right mouse buttons at the same time and this will cause your character to run forward. You can then slide the mouse left or right while doing so and this will turn the camera and your character similar to that of the A and S keys. Holding down the right mouse button alone while holding down W has the same effect. Blade & Soul Gold also has strafing, or side stepping. This technique will allow you to move your character to the sides without loosing sight of your target. Simply hold down the right mouse button and either A or D to execute the strafe mechanic, this will allow you to strafe in the specified direction while moving your camera and character at the same time.Want to be good at Blade & Soul. Make good friends with that right mouse button for both control and visual awareness. "Keyboard turning" is definitely not the way to go in this game. Doable? Yes. Effective? No way!