Traffic exchange

Ok--I stumbled into this publish out of curiosity about its title.Frankly, I am not confident I recognize the concern.I've by no means heard of a "targeted traffic exchange," site, but in any situation, what's the problem? It would seem like a large, "So - coop hits - what?" to me--that means, if this is towards the rules, I will not see why it ought to be.I hardly see any difference among swapping visits to people's hubs by marketing them via FaceBook, Twitter, Digg, Stumble On, or any other such internet site, (from whence individuals may or may not really - coop traffic - pay a visit to), and who is to inform whether the folks on these so-known as 'exchanges' truly stick to by way of both?.A person may possibly arrive initially from an "exchange" internet site, but then they may possibly cease and truly study anything, like it, click a hyperlink, or who is aware of, indicator up themselves. The same type of "I will pay a visit to yours if you pay a visit to mine" could just as simply be set up by means of an e-mail tree--it would not then be a public "identified" internet site--and no 1 would know the diffference!The point is, each HP and the authors are obtaining site visitors. Traffic=revenue visitors=potential for back links to be clicked targeted traffic=an individual may possibly or may possibly not--in both situation-- purchase something from an Amazon or EBay capsule...In short, targeted traffic=revenue for all: who cares how it gets here?Added targeted traffic implies every person wins.Probably a person could explain why this is regarded a problem. href='' - -