Tracking Employee Time: How Come It Required?

Your Time is Valuable - Could the time that you spend on payroll be better spent elsewhere? Maybe in advertising, meeting prospective clients, or working on generating new business. Decide right now what you think your time is worth. Is it $50 per hour, or maybe even $100 or more per hour? Now, think about how long it takes you to do payroll each week. Don't forget to add in time spent calculating employee hours, preparing tax returns, dealing with incorrect checks and notices from the state. And don't forget the cost of penalties you have paid. So, if you were paying yourself what you are worth, how much would you be paying yourself to do payroll? Chances are, outsourcing fees are much less.This is an excellent opportunity to provide training to the team to help them focus on the top priorities. Ask lower level employees to step up and show what they are compatible of. Training your employees to be more efficient will help them increase productivity. During an economic downturn, budget constraints often hinder our ability to hire new employees even when it's really needed. This is a great opportunity to invest in your current team of resources and determine who is capable of learning some new skills.The stress can come from the thought that there is always not enough time or that it is too fast. People working in their desks and glancing at their time clock systems can relate to this experience. The pressure of knowing how fast the time goes by as the project is nearing its deadline is very stressful. A lot of people avoid looking at their clocks just to avoid being pressured in their work. This stress accumulates and can lead to sickness or inefficiency. It is a trap that is virtually impossible to avoid.You'll also need employee clock in software set up. Figure out exactly what kind of system you want. Fingerprint time clocks are a technologically up to date option that will let people clock in and out with ease and won't let them fake any clock ins or clock outs. Having a software system in your computer is also an easier way to link it to your payroll software. Invest in both and paying your employees every week is going to be come much easier.Bring more color to the banner display as well. Many companies have just a logo on their banners; take it to the next level by setting your logo off with a really attractive photo or an interesting slogan.Your company still prints everything. Many companies have talked about becoming paperless but yours has missed the boat. Many - PC based software for Time and Attendance Systems is gaining ground - are now completely paperless, which can save you money and the environment at the same time.Evaluate the amount of time that is directly spent on attaining results and how much of your time has been wasted on things which are nonproductive to the business. From here, assess your data. Assign a time in your schedule for any conversation or activity that affects your success.Some point of sale software products have tip tracking built into their time in attendance module. Once you set an employee as a tipped employee the system will require tip declaration prior to clock out.A lot of the good jobs that are out there are generally advertised by recruitment agencies. What you need to do is make connections with as many recruitment agencies as possible. They already have hundreds of connections with employers so will be able to set you up with the best job possible.