Township Remains Neutral On Question Of Marijuana Facility | Valley Life

They can overturn that vote. If the county board denies the zoning amendment at its Nov. 21 meeting, then MedMens petition will die. Adams Township Supervisor Tina Davis said rumors that the township denied MedMens bid are untrue, as the township has no power to change county zoning. The township can make a recommendation to the county, but the county board will make the final decision. At its Nov. 12 meeting, the township board voted to not make any recommendation. MedMen now needs a simple majority vote from the county board in order to change the zoning. Had the township board made a negative recommendation, the zoning change would have required a three-fourths supermajority. Michael Perkowski, chief security officer at MedMen of Illinois, gave a presentation at the township meeting to answer questions and dispel rumors about the proposed cultivation center. There have been a lot of rumors spread through word of mouth, Steven Cooksey, the director of licensing at MedMen of California, said in a phone interview before the meeting. Our main purpose of attending the meeting is to educate the community and dispel those rumors. Perkowski said many people worry about criminal and security issues around click marijuana facilities and question the communitys exposure to the marijuana plants. He said the plants at the proposed cultivation center would be fully enclosed in a secure building, and would be grown with artificial lighting, requiring no outdoor exposure or sunlight. The cultivation will be completely inside the building, Cooksey said. People will not be able to see anything from the street, and they could not smell it outside the building. And we will not spare on any security measures. It will be run like a military base, with cameras, cards with ID chips, and motion sensors. Joe Little of Leland attended the meeting to learn about job opportunities at the facility.