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Artwork by Pennsbury students chosen for inclusion in district's permanent collection in Fallsington (VIDEO) - Yardley News - BucksLocalNews.com
Kevin McHugh added, Creativity is an important factor and is definitely a part of being able to be an individual and be a problem solver. Art is something so human, so special and really defines who we are, he told the people gathered at the reception. Take advantage of looking back at the history to see the quality of expression, McHugh said, inviting guests to stroll through what he called a gallery. The pieces are all different and are a real testament to the curriculum we have. You can see the development of the ideas of color and contrast and texture and all of the different elements that go into a piece of art, he said. Thank you to the artists for conceiving, creating and especially donating the original pieces. The original pieces are one-of-a-kind, McHugh said. See Full Story PENNSBURY >> Photographers zoomed in on the creative paintings, photography and 3D art by students carefully positioned for display in the superintendents conference room. Young artists posed with their art teacher for photo ops on Oct. 22 during a special reception honoring their inclusion into the districts permanent art collection. The budding young artists were joined by art teachers, parents, grandparents and siblings who were there to celebrate the occasion. Artwork by seven students has been selected by individual art teachers to be added to the collection housed at the Pennsbury Administration Building in historic Fallsington.

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For example, at 200mm use a 1/250 sec shutter speed or faster. This also means you can get away with slower shutter speeds when using a wide-angle lens such as 1/20 sec with an 18mm focal length. For more on this portrait photography tip, see our guide to common mistakes at every shutter speed and the best settings to use . 04 Increase your ISO People move around a lot as theyre photographed, not to mention blink and constantly change their facial expressions and theres nothing worse than a photo of somebody half-blinking or gurning instead of smiling! To avoid these problems, and to prevent motion blur appearing, youll need to use a fast shutter speed. This will also help to ensure sharp shots and avoid camera-shake because more often than not youll be shooting portraits handheld.

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