Top Reasons to Save Wild Animals : Information for Project


India is a home to many great species of wild animals, birds, insects and reptiles. The big list of wild animals that are majorly found in India consists of The Royal Bengal Tiger, The Asiatic Elephant, Indian Rhino, Indian Leopard, Indian giant squirrel etc. A large number of reptiles that include venomous species of snakes and giant lizards are also found in India. This article throws light on the value and importance of wild animals information for project.


How the wild animals are victimized for commercial purposes these days

For Clothes and Medicines : Wild animals like deer, tigers and bears produce products which people want to eat, wear or use. This list comprises of fur-bearing creatures, fish and marine mammals, and animals whose bones and organs are used in the making of traditional medicines.


  1. For Entertainment purpose : Wild animals can be used for labor and also to entertain people. For example, elephants are used to be trained as ‘beasts of burden’ in many countries. They are also given training to perform in circuses and shows along with other animals. Some wild animals mainly like dolphins, whales, and sea lions even have military uses. Many wild animals like whales, zebras etc are found in the sanctuaries, zoos and entertainment venues which humans enjoy watching and photographing.{prove it}


  1. For research : Many species of wild animals are used in scientific and medical research which includes primates and some strains of rats, mice, and rabbits.


  1. As pets : A wide variety of species, some of which are dangerous to humans are tamed as pets. Keeping wild animals as pets is highly a subject of much controversy and is illegal in many states.


  1. For tourism : Apart from providing entertainment in circuses and zoos, wild animals are also a central attraction in international tourism. They are also the key members of ecosystems on which humans depend for essential services. Tourism helps in conserving the delicate ecosystems which contain endangered animals. People are driven to help in all conservation efforts, which leads to a better future for the earth.


  1. For a Well-managed ecosystem : The eco-system defines the relationships between different organisms which are connected through many food webs and food chains. If in case, a single wildlife species face extinction from the eco-system, it will disturb the entire food chain which would ultimately lead to disastrous results.


  1. Richness of animal extracts : Many of the animal extracts are rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants. Example, the oil from lever of Cod fish is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 anti-oxidants which help in fighting ageing. Similarly, the chemicals that are derived from shrimps and lobsters are used for the treatment of fungal infections and the venom of cobra is used as a cure for leprosy.


  1. Recreation activities : Wildlife is really important for different recreation activities like wildlife safaris, nature photography and bird watching. If there are no wild animals left, there would be no place to go for any kind of recreation activities.


  1. Adding economic value: Wildlife safaris contributes largely to the country’s economy. They also play an important role in improving the gross GDP of the country. Wild animals and wildlife safaris bring in tourists from all across the world to witness rare and endemic species through their unique safaris, wildlife reserves and birding tours; which greatly contribute to the inflow of foreign exchange, resulting in an increase in the country’s GDP.

Wide animals are really important for us. The extinction of wildlife will have a major impact on humans as well. Hope this list will help in understanding the reasons for the importance of wild animals information for the project.