Top Korea Wedding Photographer Plans Every Detail of Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

Seoul, Korea Wish & Co. is one of the leading wedding photography companies in Korea. Specializing in complete photography packages and pre wedding photo shoots, the team at Wish & Co. meticulously plans all details of your shoot.
With Korea being a top destination for pre wedding photo shoots, Wish & Co. has worked with couples from around the world to coordinate the perfect wedding photos. They plan all details of your Korea pre-wedding photo shoot from your arrival to your departure.
Included in the Korea wedding photography package is also your hair, makeup, tuxedo and dress rental. When clients arrive in Korea they will go to Wish and Co.s studio where they can meet with the photographer and determine the specific photos they want, as well as their hair and makeup. The next day they will arrive for their photo shoot.
Hair and makeup professionals will stylize you for your photo shoot and ensure that you look and feel your absolute best. You will also be able to select the wedding dress and tuxedo you wish to use for your photo shoot.
Wish & Co. is made up of some of the top photographers in Korea. They not only have extensive experience with Korea wedding photography, but they also have a background in the fashion and beauty industries. They bring this knowledge to their everyday work.
In addition to all of the details for the photo shoot, the team at Wish & Co. also handles travel arrangements and accommodations. Therefore, couples do not have to stress about their travel while also planning for a wedding.
About Wish & Co.
Wish & Co. is the premier wedding photography company in Korea. They specialize in pre wedding photography in their studio and on location. Wish & Co. also provides complete wedding packages, which include hair, makeup, wedding dress, tuxedo rental and much more. To learn more about Wish & Co. or to request a free quote, visit their website or call +82 70 4530 5375 today.

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