Top 5 Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) Degree Programs


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Are you interested in the field of mental health? Either working with a client, becoming a professor, or even doing field research? Then you need to enroll in a program called Doctor of psychology. It is a field that is increasingly attracting many students. You have to consider methodology, cost of graduate attendance, college ranking, and the accreditation. Check below to know five of the top programs.

  • Rutgers University

It is the best in clinical Psy.D. It is in New Jersey. If you enroll there as a student, you will earn psychodynamic as well as cognitive and behavioral psychology. The average cost of the programs is $28,825. Once you complete your clinical Psy.D. You will become a social worker and do counseling. You can also offer services related to mental health; moreover, you can work in a hospital, clinic, or even private practice.

  • Baylor University

Do you want to provide clinical services such as accessing and intervening in the health care environment? Visit Baylor University and enroll for a clinical degree program. The university started in 1845 in Texas. They are research gurus, and every student is expected to conduct clinical research. Out of the total cost, the university pays $ 4,000.

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  • Marshall University

If you would like to become a physiologist who will rural communities, then join Marshall University. It is in Huntington, West Virginia. It started in 1837. By graduation time, you will be having a good understanding of some factors affecting families, such as health and other psychological issues. The average program cost is $10,224

  • University of Denver

It has been in existence since 1864. Situated in a rocky mountain in Denver. Every year, the university enrolls around 12,000 both undergraduate and graduate students. The average cost is 43,164.

  • Xavier University

It is in Cincinnati, Ohio. More than 6,500 students have already enrolled for masters and doctoral programs. The cost of the program is $22,120. The clinical psychology mainly focuses on chronic psychopathology and other health care psychology that affects people across the life span.


There many graduates in mental health but have no doctorate. You do not qualify to be a psychologist if you have not done your Psy.D. You have to consider different factors before enrolling in that program. Think of the average cost you will incur in the whole program and the rating of the university.