Top 10 - Jamaicas hottest female media personalities in 2013

Prior to being known as 'Mrs. Jah Cure' Kamila McDonald-Alcock was a prominent feature on CVM TV as a presenter and producer while also contending the for Miss Jamaica World title in 2009. After having her first child with the Reggae superstar last year, this natural beauty's TV appearances have been sporadic, but she continues to feature as a host of a real estate program which airs on TVJ and is now a highly-regarded fitness instructor. Given how she looks post-pregnancy, she's certainly more than qualified in the fitness department.When the initial list was compiled last year, Pepita Little (middle) was second on the list due to her eye-popping curves most got to see during her days as Intense host. While she still has the looks, most of said curves have disappeared after deciding to go with a new, slimmer look, which - russian milf - she showcased while hosting Tastees Talent Trail. They will be missed.Her name signifies the type of woman she is. Emprezz Golding (right) has always been appealing to the eye as a long time host of BET Js (now Centric) Wicked Style and RETVs Di Show as well as the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall until 2011. Her essence and pure vibe has always been admirable and she frankly embodies hard work and confidence; qualities that make a woman most attractive along with her looks, which she has maintained well since having her first child with husband and former Jamaican prime minister, Bruce Golding's son, Stephen Golding.Though her on-air appearances are less prevalent these days, she remains in the spotlight as the host of TVJs informative Talk Up Yout program as she delves into some of Jamaicas hot button issues with young people being the main focus of the show.