Tony Romo to miss Cowboys' OTAs after back surgery in April

Tony Romo And The Dallas Cowboys Aerial Attack: Passing All Competitors

Romo could be back in time for the team's mandatory minicamp beginning June 11 and expects to be ready for the start of training camp in July. "If this was the regular season and I had to play next week, I could, Romo said Monday. This is just about being smart. Thats why I did it now. This will have no effect on training camp. No way will it have an impact. And I still think theres a good chance Im on the field for mini-camp. Romo, who signed a six-year, $108-million contract extension in March, said a persistent ache in the middle of his back caused him to get it checked out and eventually led to the outpatient procedure. After returning to the Cowboys facility the following day to discuss training sessions, Romo was allowed to perform only light conditioning work the rest of April. But his training has picked up in recent days and he has been cleared to start throwing the ball. "It was not much of anything, Romo said of the procedure. I just went in and had them look at it.

We've spent thousands of words and dozens of hours defending the highest-rated active quarterback without a Super Bowl ring, and others have joined us on that soapbox , but Romo continues to take a lopsided share of the blame for the Dallas Cowboys ' lack of success as a team in the ultimate team sport. That's why Romo won't change the public's or the media's perception of him until his team can start winning games in January. Unfortunately, that means that he only controls a portion of his destiny in that regard. So, here's what it'll take... It will take another top-tier season on paper Statistically, Romo is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Dating back to 2006, only four quarterbacks have posted higher passer ratings. He's got a 102.5 fourth-quarter rating since 2008 and, since he became a starter in '06, there isn't a quarterback in the world not named Manning who has registered more fourth-quarter comebacks. His contemporary and long-term numbers continue to dominate those put up by the beloved Eli Manning , and only a quartet of active quarterbacks have "bad games" less often than he does, based on a superb study from Blogging the Boys . Year after year, with limited support from his mediocre offensive line, his inconsistent running game and his oft-unreliable defense, Romo completes about 65 percent of his passes, posts a passer rating above 90, averages more than 7.5 yards per attempt and throws about twice as many touchdowns as he does interceptions. So the first thing Romo needs to do in order to change the way he's perceived is to keep doing exactly what he's been doing on typical regular-season Sundays. Could he afford to drop his interception rate? Absolutely. That total spiked from nine in 2009 to seven during a six-game 2010 season derailed by a clavicle injury. then he threw 10 in 2011, which increased to 19 in 2012, which tied a career high. That came out of nowhere, but Romo tossed three picks alone in the final game of the season, when his shorthanded team was trying to stay alive in desperation mode against the Washington Redskins .

What Will It Take for Tony Romo to Reverse Negative Media Labeling in 2013?

Let's extend the scope of this 1,000 receiving-yards analysis a little further, and look at the stats from 2006-2012. Off the top of your head, how many teams do you think had more 1,000-yard receivers than the Cowboys? More than three? More than five? Before we answer that question, let's first look at how many and which Cowboys players exceeded 1,000 receiving yards over that period. 2006 Witten 1,039 The Cowboys have had players exceed 1,000 receiving yards 11 times in the Demarco Murray Jersey Sale last seven years. 2011 was the only year in which the Cowboys didn't have a single player hit that statistical milestone, although Witten (942), Austin (928), and Robinson (858) all came relatively close. So how many teams had more 1,000-yard receivers than the Cowboys? Not a single one. The Patriots and Cardinals come closest, with nine players each; the Colts , Packers , and Saints have eight each.

Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Tony Romo All-Time Underrated, Miles Austin's Future, More

I know this, I would have a hard time telling you who was great in the AFC last year. You just go by whats written about and talked about. Still, Romo had as much national network exposure as any quarterback in the league during the regular season in 2012. Surely, he was seen. Alex Riethmiller, a spokesman for NFL Network, said no omission raised more eyebrows and received more reaction than Romos. New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham, who averaged 94 receptions and 10 touchdowns over the last two seasons, has been a distant second. By the way, the top 100, appears well on its way towards becoming a NFLN staple. It makes for prime off-season programming that elicits reaction. For Romo, like the Cowboys, there is always next season. Quarterbacks on the list SportsDay columnist Tim Cowlishaw answered Cowboys questions in a chat on Monday. Q: What are we missing on the Josh Brent situation Authentic Tony Romo Football Jersey with the Cowboys? Could Jerry actually be trying to find a day away from the spotlight to dismiss him?

NFL Network's top 100 list indicates Tony Romo isn't the quarterback of the century

Wait! He's not a "winner." Guessing 55-38 is a horrific record. While the Cowboys have a myriad of issues, be it offensive line, DeMarco Murray's health, or a defense that couldn't stop anyone last year, Romo was not the problem. He's been a solid citizen in Dallas and a very good player, if not great. His most famous miscue -- the dropped snap against the Seattle Seahawks -- was bad. Too bad no one ever mentions the fact that almost no starting quarterbacks in the NFL are ever asked to hold for kicks. If Romo is really as terrible as people say he is, then why don't people hate Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson or Drew Henson ? Because they stunk." "Interesting Sidenote: An explanation for Romo not being a "Top 100 player" is that he isn't clutch, like an Eli Manning . Take a wild guess who the NFL's active leader in fourth quarter passer rating is ... as in, higher than Brady, Brees, and Eli?

Pearson has 'a little concern' Romo not throwing to WRs during OTAs, mini camp

"A lot of people might discount it because you're just running routes a lot of times against the air and that type of thing. But you're building a timing thing, a confidence thing with yourself and the quarterback. You're also building chemistry amongst all the other receivers, all the other quarterbacks and tight ends, whoever's out there catching balls. I think it's real important that you do the work in the off-season that leads to success during the regular season. "I have a little concern that they're not getting this right now because of Tony's situation. But I'm a little reserved in that simply because Tony's a veteran and I think he can pick it up. Now the question is, once he gets the OK to go out there and throw again, how much are they going to do it? I think they got to do it double time now. Sure, the work in training camp, but what are you going to do before training camp practice?