Tomatoes receipts for fat reduction

Tomato soup
The hard veggies cooked gentle and uncomplicated entrance into the thick scrumptious soup. This section soup is rich in lycopene, -carotene, various minerals, as well as wealthy in dietary fiber.
[Material] (2 servings)
Tomato two, tomato juice 280ml, onion 1/4, beef quantity, bamboo shoots one, potatoes one, olive oil 2 hours, garlic a little salt.
1 onion, peeled, cut into 1cm-sized pieces. Garlic sliced ??garlic.
two, tomatoes stir-fried in oil soon after the juice, pour the tomato juice, boil the soup thick.
three, bamboo shoots, potatoes, cut into 1cm-sized parts.
4, pour olive oil and garlic within the pan, ignition. Garlic aroma out, include beef stir fry.
5, and after that include the onions, bamboo shoots, stir fry potato parts. All round, right after all dirty oil, moreover soup, protect and cook for twenty minutes.
6, and ultimately pour tomato juice, salt to taste and prepare dinner for fifteen minutes, poured into a container.

Tomato Potato Soup
Materials (two servings): four hundred ml tomato puree, two hundred ml of drinking water, tomato 1, two potatoes, onion, salt and pepper, a little bit chicken soup vegetarian.
one, tomatoes, potatoes, onions arbitrary cuts.
2, drinking water, tomato soup, hen soup vegetarian, tomatoes, potatoes, onions into the pot together with the simmer.
three, until the potatoes are comfortable and absorb the essence of tomato, include salt and pepper to flavor.

Seafood oatmeal
Components: Oat bowl; squid 1; clams random; bok choy one particular; eggs one; ginger tiny; tiny salt.
Follow: Boiled sequentially put ginger, clams, squid, bok choy, salt, oats, eggs, cook dinner a couple of minutes stuffy
Carp soup
Materials: carp one, tofu a single, onion, ginger and also other spices amount
one Clean the fish, tofu into cubes, onions and cut into sections, ginger slices;
two fish, tofu, ginger wok, add h2o to boil, simmer for twenty minutes, any time you put Tangnong milky white onion, seasoning might be.
In time for the 9:00 prior to Dodo mouth, quite very good low-calorie cherry tomatoes
Specifically tomatoes cherry tomatoes, nutritious minimal in calories, several models depend on consuming it to stay in shape. Wealthy acidic juice can assist you stability the skin PH worth, creating the delicate pores and skin to help keep delaying get out the outdated.