Today was hot!

I am not real sure what it was like throughout the country, or the rest of the world, but I am certain it was very hot here. In northern Colorado it was 102 degrees F today. That was very toasty. But it was cloudy so at least it was not like being in an oven. It felt more like a microwave oven. I drank lots of tea and walked around and worked on the yard again. It was a nice day for me. This evening was really good, because I got to eat dinner with my daughter, and that is always a precious event for me. I guess if I have nothing to complain about or to feel sad about, my day must have been really good! I couldn't complain about today. Monday through Wednesday I have a class to attend at work, and I am not looking forward to it. The class is one of those "Working at ..." classes - the ones where if you were having problems sleeping, sit in this class and you will not have any problems sleeping.  Well, good night everyone. Enjoy your week.