To date, The journey so far

 Dec. 2015  Pancreatitis Attack
   -12 day hospital stay,  was in for Daughters first Christmas
   -New diet, new health, Diabetic
   -Lost 40 lbs
Jan. 2016  getting back to health, so I thought....
   -returned to work, but lighter and frail. still ornery tho!  
   -Follow Diabetic Diet, insulin shots  
   -gradually eating became painful after 15 minutes of eating anything
Feb.  There is more to pancreatitis then I knew
   -Discomfort after eating was getting rough. Almost making me sick
   -Wife noticed I was Jaundice, very yellow.
   -snuck into ER, many tests, thought was, another Pancreas Attack
   -was told things were bad, sent me to diff hospital, University, better Doctors
   -Pseudocyst, not just a small one, my whole pancreas. 
   -NG Tube Feeding Fun began. down the nose and bypass the mad Pancreas to let him rest       and calm down (if not too late) spent 1 week in hospital shared room
   -Idea was to not trigger the pancreas, see if body will heal, but with tube feed still get                 nutrients needed to live. Weight would be lost and muscle mass too
   -Was cool for  week & half then abdominal discomfort. Follow up with Doc
   -Tests showed condition was getting sticky, Cyst was putting pressure on common bile             duct, pancreas duct, sphincter of oddi. this was causing the jaundice and ill feeling.
   -Cyst drain tube in abdomen. 1 week stay in hospital. told it would take long time for drain      to stop. Dr's weren't kidding, been a month now still got er in, still draining good. pffft, I          was thinking few days tops.
   -Had another CT. Scan. follow up with Dr. is in a few days. 
   -In meantime, got online chart program that you can view medical info about yourself.              Check meds, appt. times, send email and also see test results. So the CT scan results are          in, and unreadable unless you are a Doctor. So I read em anyways. Somewhere inside me        I'm scared, but mostly confused and trying to be optimistic
last updated: 04/09/2016