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DSC_5342-vi.jpgIt is the ultimate test for time travellers - hold a party for them, but do not post the invites till right after the event. Taking us across continents this Saturday will be a troop of dancers who are as international as the journey itself. The troop, plus a musical ensemble, will begin in the Indian subcontinent and dance their way for all to see to the land of the Flamenco.

Young people from all more than Europe will also be celebrating the finish of summer season in Vienna once more this year at the Vienna Summerbreak Festival. From 1.00 pm on the Saturday (2 September), the venerable Ringstrasse between the Vienna State Opera and City Hall transforms into the greatest open-air dance floor in Vienna for the Streetparade.

And even though we're talking about hygiene, even though the festival offers showers, the lines get extended swiftly. If you do not want to wait, or never want to leave a set early to take a shower, in a pinch child wipes will do. But if you really want to rinse off the day's grime in the showers, be sure to pack a towel, soap and some shower slippers.

So there is your weekend. Start the weekend at Southbound to taste their latest release. Have a rest then head to Service on Saturday for some music, pizza and yet another new beer. Right after Service head to Coastal for some oysters and beer. Verify your e-mail for a link to reset your password.

• Pack light, it sucks when you have a bulky backpack and want to dance but cant. I typically bring a light sweater, long socks and a pair of versatile tennis shoes. By night all you are going to have is a pair of flip flops in your bag. Click on the hyperlink beneath to hear Dave speak with Airplay's pop culture professional Kim Linekin about the shows that could get voted off the island.

Uncover a very good campsite. Take time to discover a camp appropriate to you. If you love the wild nightlife and never care about not acquiring significantly sleep, it is ideal to be out in the open and exactly where everybody appears to be. If you prefer a quiet campsite, try to uncover a closed off field. Some campsite sections are lucky to have their personal tiny field. If you uncover a single, attempt to discover a excellent spot in a tiny field. This way, it'll have less people, consequently quieter and, regardless of whether you feel protected to, you have far more of an option to leave all of your belongings in your tent while you head off into the middle of the crowd.

Undesirable Dreems kicked items up a notch on the major stage as the sun finally gave way. The Adelaide rockers, with a heavy 80s Australiana sound someplace amongst Midnight Oil and The Go-Betweens and The Saints, are at the moment the very best rock band in the country appropriate now that is just my own opinion, but watching them jump from little venues to big theatres and now onto essential festival slots late into the evening with heaving throngs of passionate fans losing it to their retro operating-class rock and roll, it is challenging to deny they've tapped into one thing. Anything harsh and raw and angry, with songs about Australian masculinity and bloke culture, adore, and oblique references to dissatisfaction with government and society in basic.