Tinnitus: Its not really a Disease, its a Symptom!

If you have Tinnitus then you're most probably knowledgeable about a number of the most common causes.

There's an entire set of them for you to select from.

Only when you start to evaluate the known facts and their probable consequences can the whole scope of Tinnitus start to occur.

There may be a million reasons why you've Tinnitus. Lets take a brief look at a few of the most frequent signs for tinnitus.

Just how many of these symptoms are you able to apply to your self? Add more for those who have to.

Lack of awareness,



Social escape,

Depressive moods,

Insufficient persistence,


Anxiety attacks,



Pressure and pressure,

Lack of self-confidence,




Other than the hearing loss which will be real, all other signs allow me to share of a sub-conscious nature.

Allows get 3 important things into perspective here. I'll repeat these 3 sentences until they are tattooed in-to your heart.

1. Tinnitus isn't an illness, it is a symptom!

2. You are not sick and you're not mentally ill. You're being informed!

3. You will beat tinnitus if you recognize it as being a part of you.

As soon as you're ready to accept the tinnitus is a part of you, the earlier you can expect to make progress.

The ability of the mind is incredible. Consider this carefully. If tinnitus succeeded in turning your life ugly

then accept the fact that all it used to attain anguish was your own head. Thats quite a success isnt it??

Thats how powerful your brain is. If it has the capability to make your daily life an entire misery then certainly it may be re-programmed to perform the alternative.

Its fully your decision. The solution lies within yourself and your ability to learn.

What do we know in regards to the reasons for tinnitus?. If you are interested in reading, you will maybe fancy to study about quality hearing aids garland.

Where is there its origins?

Heard of social disease? Me either. Their an expression that I like though.

In Germany its called Volkskrankheit ( has nothing regarding cars ).

I once tried to make a listing of all elements which I assumed could have led to MY very own tinnitus. Clearly, I stated the negative facets of my life over a 10-year period.

Some of these things has been prevented, many of them were linked to one another. Dont forget, this is merely a set of things that I think should be stated.

Ive tried not to generalize and Ive tried my most useful to keep honest, even if it indicates confessing for some bad sins.

To be completely honest its much less dramatic as it seems. It only looks excessive when in writing!

Marital Stress,

Large smoking,

Drug and medication abuse, (i.e. Valium, Marijuana, Cocaine)

Relationship crisis,

unhealthy eating habits,

Loud sounds,

Not enough exercise,

Large cholesterol,

High blood-sugar price,

Personal loss,

Caffeine addiction ( coffee and soda )

Sleep disorders,

Financial Problems,

Over weight,

Company pressures,

Interest to be worried about everything.

So.there we have it.

It seems bad I understand. The worst thing is that I am one-of millions who used to live like this. If you cant identify with anything written on this record then you shouldnt have tinnitus. Any one of these simple elements on their own could be harmful enough for any person.

Mix them and youre left with a time bomb waiting to burst.

So now we have two lists. The very first one above describes the symptoms and the next one describes possible causes. If you look carefully in the causes it will not just take much imagination to conjure up a 'sign list' like the one above. What else does one expect?.

I dare youTake a pencil and paperwrite down your-own 'bad record.' Be absolutely honest and jot down all the stuff that you arent pleased with or possibly would rather forget. Write down all the stuff you would prefer to change if you'd a magic wand. ( My poor record is there for everybody to see. You can hide yours :o)

Incidentally, you dont need tinnitus to make a number like mine. I would be prepared to bet that EVERYONE will come up with a list much like mine. I say only similar because I realize that not many people are overweight, or cigarettes or tried drugs.

Think watchfully about that which you are reading in your list. You'll realize that you dont need a magic wand to shorten this list, if you're really honest. The only real person on this planet that could change this number to some thing to be happy with is YOU!

I con-sider myself to be lucky. Tinnitus gave a chance to me to re-shuffle my entire life

When moreDont forget.

1. Tinnitus is not an illness, it's a symptom.

2. Learn more on our affiliated URL by visiting calvert hearing care garland. You're not ill and you're not mentally ill. You're being warned!

3. Tinnitus will be defeated by you if you accept it as being a part of you.

After an 'auditory accident 'two years ago which left me with a temporary loss in all hearing I'd no other choice than to take action.

Ive been seeking for an English Term for the German word Hrsturz. In fact this period is constructed of 2 words.

Time (to hear ) and Sturz ( to crash ). I find this a fitting expression

Anyhow this 'Auditory Crash' of reading lasted very nearly 2 days at the most and due to my medical practitioner, I was up and in regards to a week later.

After reading several books and collecting most of the information I could find, I chose to take action. I didnt know it then, however the decision to cut out everything that was harming me probably saved my life.

Did you already take note of your personal record?. If not.lets imagine that is your list.

Where would you start?

There are several things it is possible to change without delay and right away. Other items will require plenty of time, great patience and the will to change.

'Lets start in the very beginning, a very good position you start' ( Richard Rodgers 1902 1979 )

When moreDont forget.

1. Tinnitus isn't a disease, it's a sign.

2. You are not tired and you're not mentally ill. You are being informed!

3. We found out about this site by searching Yahoo. If you take it as a part of you tinnitus will be defeated by you.