Tiger Woods Junior? US Golf Programs for Kids

Even if you have a lot of other priorities for instance, sports, extracurricular activities, etc., still you need to complete a senior project to graduate successfullyWhy Should a Child Play Golf?The website description of The First Tee organization gives persuasive and succinct reasons for children to choose the game of golf over other sports. First, golf is a game with no officials to yell foul or call a breach of the rules. Some children enjoy the game play in sports but not the restrictiveness of the rules. http://www.latimes.com/local/ - http://www.latimes.com/local/ - In golf, only the individual participants know if the score that was written down is the score that was actually earned. (Admittedly, this could work as an advantage or as a disadvantage.)Golf, as described by First Tee, is a game "with a rich history and timeless traditions that invites respect for the old and wonderment of the new." But more importantly for the kids, golf is fun to play. Perfection is never achieved but nor is it expected; the opportunities for improvement and success are endless. Golf is a game where the amateur, the beginner, can play a competitive match, as can the seasoned expert. Young children can play with each other, or they can play with older players. The game can appropriately be played by the young and old together, but only, as the website suggests, "if they have a place to learn and play the game at all."Most importantly, in my opinion, is that golf can be played non-competitively as well as competitively. Some sports, such as football, simply cannot be played without the element of competition. If a child just wants to play a sport without having to defeat someone to succeed, golf provides that experience.What Kinds of Competitions and Tournaments Are There?If a child golfer is more of the competitive type, there are numerous options to compete against fellow child golfers. U.S. Kids Golf offers tournaments at many levels. U.S. Kids Golf offers local tours, regional championships, a European championship, a world championship, and a teen world championship. To be eligible for the championships, U.S. Kids Golf requires kids to participate in World Championship Qualifiers, one-day events that they must attend and prove themselves worthy of the tournaments. The local tours are in the following locations: