Tibet Tour With Everest Base Camp


In accordance with the desires we have for our employees, we choose only nearby providers that are amicable, trustworthy and have inside and out neighbourhood info.

Nepal Tours had a Private Tibet Tours which are all tailor-made and well-chosen by Tibet travel specialists with numerous duration and flexibility. Mt. Kailash is regarded as to be the most sacred mountain in Tibet, so the area is crowded with pilgrims all year round.

Upon arriving at the Lhasa airport or train station, you will be greeted by your Tibetan guide. Yamdrok Lake is situated along the roads from Lhasa to Gyantse. Its water is as pure as crystals. Whilst the Manasarovar Lake is in the remote western Tibet. Around the lake and Mount Kailash is the word well-known pilgrimage yatra route.

I highly suggest you go right here and plan your travel so that you don't miss out on what Tibet has to offer!



They are the genuine purpose we have Tibet in the first place because they make it their home from generation to generation. Low season: October to March. Nevertheless, numerous roads are blocked and lakes are often frozen at this time, so travel is not recommended. January is the coldest month in Tibet.

Nevertheless, this is also Tibet’s windiest month and the wind chill tends to make it appear much colder. Send an inquiry to our travel consultants for ideas and help to make your dream Tibet trip come accurate.

A much more distinctive way to get to Tibet from Nepal is going from the little town of Simikot, situated in far northwest Nepal.

Start your trip from our well-liked gateway cities with an simple access to China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong or Chengdu, discover the venerable historic relics and distinctive folk culture in China.

Following individuals spend a couple of days in Lhasa, they continue on to a couple of other well-liked destinations like Mount Everest Base Camp, Nam Tso Lake and the city of Shigatse.

In Tsedang, the 1200-year-old Samye monastery mimics the style of the perfect universe described in Buddhist scripture. Select a favoured tour or customize a trip to match your own pace and needs. Tibet tour will bring you a lifetime experience.

Tibet, the roof of the globe, Shangri La (hidden paradise), the land of high mountains, the magical and mysterious Buddhist Kingdom is with no doubt of the world’s most outstanding going to place.

The 8 Days Mount Everest Base Camp Tour is our most well-liked Group Tour which you can think about for your trip. Now while North and Tibet are not comparable in numerous methods, from e restriction point of view, they really are a little, with you have to be composed of a group, with driver and so on, also needing a permit!

tibet-festival.jpgNakchu Horse Race Festival is the most essential folk festival in Tibet. Individuals who collect for the annual horse race festival in Nakchu town construct a tent city. 

This can take a couple of days or much more depending on a person. The most essential component of the festival is replacing the 'Tarboche Flagpole', the well-known massive pole that lies on the way of Kailash round.

Throughout this time Tibetans will cook unique meals, drink Tibetan barley wine, and go to Buddhist monasteries for prayers and New Year rituals. The "World's highest railway", "Lhasa Express", "Sky Train", "Rocket to the roof of the globe" no matter what it is known as, the Qinghai-Tibet railway project is really an engineering wonder across the globe.

It is renowned as the residence of the Dalai Lama lineages (Avalokiteshvara). Following sightseeing these incredible places, acclimatize for rest of the day or you can stroll around the Barkhor street.

Instead, it is typical to gesture toward the object with an open palm. This same rule applies to monks, nuns or lamas, and even much more generally to all individuals.

Sera Monastery, 1 of the 3 fantastic temples, together with Drepung Monastery and Ganden Monastery, is the symbol of Gelug temples, situated in the northern suburb of Lhasa.

If this happens, Himalaya Journey will notify you in writing immediately. 50 for processing your refund. Extravagant Yak hosts secure and unforgettable tours in 1 of the world’s most remote and mysterious regions - Tibet.

Tibet is also known for its Kubum, a 35m-hChortenrten (stupa) with its white layers trimmed with decorative stripes and its crown-like golden dome. Stay overnight in Gyantse.

We have uniquely developed tour itineraries throughout for every festivals and we can usually make customized your tour as the festivals as primary even. Join a panel discussion with 3 young Tibetan activists and hear their stories.30 am to 1pm on Saturday 28 April.

Travel Insurance: a two weeks travel insurance with Globe Nomads costs about 70 USD (click on the link above to get a quote for much more individuals if you are not traveling alone).

It is the must-see attraction which is integrated on nearly all Tibet tour itineraries. The number of travelers to the palace is restricted every day to shield the developing complicated.

Tibet tour or how to get to Tibet, then please really feel totally free to contact us we offer totally free Tibet travel consultation by specialized Tibetan travel guides with much more than 15 years of experiences in travel all around the Tibetan plateau.

You will be offered tea (po cha/Tibetan butter tea, or cha ngarmo/sweet tea) in a Tibetan home. Mount Kailash is a high altitude behemoth in western Tibet and offers some of the most beautiful trekking in all of Central Asia. 

Note: Because only a restricted number of guests are permitted to go to the Potala Palace every day, the order of sightseeing places will be decided by the accompanying guide.

It is known as so because of the mountain of articles and supplies speaking about the Tibetan history, art, culture, and religion. Approximately two-thirds the size of Western Europe, Tibet is colossal, and travelers can spend an age merely getting from 1 town to the next. And that is just the TAR.


Currency Symbol: CNY. A great currency conversion tool can be discovered at XE, which also has totally free apps for smart phones. The trip to both nations had been fantastic, our guides and drivers had been fantastic and we saw so much much more with your help than we ever could have on our own.

Potala palace is Lhasa's most essential landmark and she a wonder of Eastern architecture. Because first of all the Tibet climate would be not harsh, and secondly it is the best time to go to Mt. Everest Base Camp (if you have a strategy to get there).