Three ways to wear your wedding ring

Wedding ring is a sign of trust, loyalty, dedication and love. Wearing a tungsten carbide ring is not just about slipping it on the finger. You may need alternative methods of wearing a wedding ring in case your fingers are injured or you have to wear another ring while going to a party. Here are some ways of wearing your titanium ring:
The standard way: The standard way would be to wear your cobalt chrome ring on the left hand’s ring finger. The custom has been developed from an ancient roman belief and a medical fact that the left hand is closer to the heart.
With your engagement ring: A lot of people prefer to wear both the rings on the same finger. This however works best only when at least of the rings is not highly ornamented. In case both of your rings are highly ornamented, prefer wearing them on separate fingers, perhaps one on the left hand and one on the right.
As a necklace: You can always slide your tungsten carbide ring into an attractive chain and wear it around your neck as a pendant. This way the ring would be closer to your heart. This is a great option especially when you cannot wear your ring on your finger because your finger has swollen or because it has been injured.
Find an alternative: In case wearing a wedding ring to work increases your risk of injury, you can always find an alternative method of showing your commitment like a tattoo, and bracelet or wearing the titanium rings as a necklace.