Three Ways To Help Prevent Damage To The Roof During A Hailstorm

Many Colorado residents have already discovered first hand how hail and high winds can inflict devastating damage to roofs. During where to buy hail damaged cars of the year, individuals can expect the arrival of more rain, hail, and strong winds. Read the information below to learn what individuals can do to help prevent Hail Damage to Shingles.

Regularly Schedule A Professional Roof Inspection

Individuals should contact a reliable roofing company to schedule a roof inspection at least once per year. The best time to have an inspection is during the winter months before it starts warming up and spring storms arrive. After a roofing contractor inspects the roof, any roof damage can be repaired right away.

During the inspection, the contractor will examine every portion of the roof and look for leaks, missing flashing and the overall condition of the shingles. The inspector will also check the attic and look for signs of water leaks and mold that's caused by moisture in the attic. If there are any issues with the roof, such as missing or worn shingles, individuals should immediately schedule a roof repair.

Trim Tree Branches That Hang Over The Roof

Another way that individuals can help keep their roof safe from damage during a hailstorm is to trim any tree branches that hang over the roof. Lightning or wind can cause the branches to fall on the roof and damage the shingles. does car insurance cover hail damage are especially dangerous because they can go right through the roof.

Individuals should contact a tree trimmer to trim the branches from the trees around the house before spring. Individuals shouldn't tackle this project on their own as it can be dangerous.

Replace The Roof When It Has Reached Its Lifespan

Asphalt shingles on a roof can last up to 25 years if the roof has regular inspections and maintenance. When the shingles are completely worn out and there aren't many granules left, it's definitely time to hire a contractor to replace the roof.

A roof that's worn out is no match for hail damage, wind, and rainstorms. To endure this type of an assault, a roof must be stable and durable.

It's imperative that homeowners have a sturdy roof on their homes throughout the year, especially during the spring season when hail and storms can wreak havoc on shingles. For professional roof repair due to hail and high winds, homeowners should contact a trustworthy and reliable Denver roofing company.