Thousands Of Breast Cancer Sufferers Carry 'survival' Protein

Safety During Cancer Treatment

Researchers found that women with high levels of the protein had lower grade tumours, longer intervals between cancer returning and lower death rates breast cancer treatment by stage over five years. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women and the third most common cause of cancer-related death in the UK. Around 50,000 women each year are diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 10,000 will die from the disease. Although chemotherapy and radiotherapy are usually recommended after surgery the treatments have unpleasant side effects such as hair loss, fatigue, nausea and can cause infertility through early menopause. Now, scientists at Nottingham Trent University have discovered that around 60 per cent of women carry high levels of a protein known as DACH1 and are likely to survive even without aggressive treatment. ..Read more at

Fear of the pain the procedure causes and general go!! anxiety are among the top reasons cited by women for neglecting the National Cancer Institutes recommendation that women over 40 get screened every one to two years. But Robach was lucky that she participated in the most public mammogram in history: It turns out that she had breast cancer. How can we change the way mammograms are conducted to make women more likely to undergo this potentially life-saving diagnostic test? The research group of USC Viterbi School of Engineering Professor Mahta Moghaddam is developing a novel imaging and treatment system for breast cancer. Research Assistant Professor John Stang is the technical lead of the project, which he has been pursuing for more than three years. ..Read more at

Using microwaves to cook breast cancer

because that could just have easily been me. Wow. As much as I wanted (needed!) the independence and freedom of driving myself, the truth of the matter is that driving after surgery or while taking any medications has the potential to be dangerous. I wish that I had heard this information when I was sick because I know that I would have made different decisions. So, what to do? ..Read more at