Thoughts on Sensible Advice In flower and vegetable seeds

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To have plants able to bloom inside garden on the right times takes a little planning. Starting past too far will add envying those gardeners who bought their plants in the greenhouse but starting too soon can also be a challenge. Plants which can be too large before they are often planted inside the garden will be affected from stress when planted or perhaps die a psychic email reading them outside. This is particularly true without having a greenhouse but depend on grow lights or windows light to the plants.
Here in Philadelphia's Zone 6, you can begin planting seed as soon as March, indoors and outdoors. Different vegetables are planted at different times. As a general rule, you must sow vegetable seeds indoors 3 to 4 weeks before the last frost date, which in Philadelphia as well as the Tri-state area, is approximately May 15-31; so it will be time to start sowing. Seeds should only be growing inside for around four to six weeks before transplanting outdoors. Seedlings which can be left growing indoors to much time become leggy, weak, and hard to handle. The seed packet is your best guide for determining exactly when to sow seed directly into the soil. Note that different "perennial" seeds might require different germination procedures,which includes soaking times and sowing temperatures. Also, different seeds sometimes require different sized containers to start growing indoors. You can even build your own seed containers from newspaper. As long as you focus on light, soil, temperature, and moisture, planting success should come easy.

Count backward from those dates to determine when to start seeds. If the seed packet says start about six weeks before your last frost so you live in Oakland County, you'll likely wish to start seeds round the end of March. You don't have to be exact nevertheless, you wouldn't need to start those seeds in February. Getting a rather late start usually works much better than starting too early.

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