Thought family were supposed to care

I could really use some help in these rough times and it is great knowing I can come here,vent and someone out there cares. Right now it feels like everyone is ganging up on me ,especially my daughter and husband. You would think being family they especially would be more understanding and a bit  more caring but they aren't. My husband runs on logic alone with little to no feeling and emotions. My daughter only seemingly cares when I land in the hospital and then boy she is on every doctor to make sure they do all they are supposed to be doing to get me better.,I'm sorry I didn't mean to carry on so. I am just so sick an tired of being so sick and unable to work or even just babysit to have an outlet to help get my mind off myself.The one medication my doctor gave me to help the depression worked great and then they discovered it was causing my liver counts to go whacky. I feel like I just can't win!!