This New Online Tool Creates A Picture Of Your Cash Flow

look at The Elevation Group Cash flow management: why startups shouldnt ignore it and how to get started

The company says the tool can integrate agreed-upon terms youve reached with some customers on when those payments should be made. Cash Flow Insight creates an invoice with your business logo and sends it to your customer, who can make a payment right from the invoice. Of course, just as important as the money coming into your business is the money going out. Cash Flow Insight is also designed to track the money leaving your business. PNC says the tool also allows your business to schedule payments including recurring payments as needed.

A cash flow forecast predicts the net cash flow of a business over a certain period; the result being the estimated bank balance at the end of each period. In human-speak: Forecasting predicts when shortages or excesses of funds will occur so that youll be prepared for them. With this tool you can develop a financial plan which, if followed, will provide proper cash flow management. Building a cash flow forecast for your business does not need to be rocket science. Use a simple Excel spread sheet with line items for each stream of inflow and outflow.