This 'guardians Of The Galaxy' And 'friends' Mashup Will Make Your Day - Yahoo Celebrity

Friends of the url Galaxy and a viral video that will make you smile! PHOTOS: The 6 Most Important Moments on 'Friends' Set to "I'll Be There For You" by the Rembrandts, the intro we're used to seeing on Friends gets a new twist as the characters from Guardians of the Galaxy are now the new cast. And yet, as strange as this seems, there is a common theme that the video's editor Robert Jones points out. "At its core Guardians of the Galaxy is really about friendship." Jones says, "Watch as Ross, Rachel and Joey...err...Peter, Gamora and Rocket overcome their pasts and learn;jsessionid=A5FBD3A2DD5F6AF59894AED16EA5F1BE.cdb04 about friendship and love as they fight to save the celebs news universe from their evil neighbor, Mr. Heckles...err...Ronan." Full story: