Thinking about Adam, Eve, and the Backyard garden

As I have traveled from location to location over the earlier seven months chatting about EDEN, it has been revelatory that many readers do not link my novel with the metaphor of the Backyard of Eden. I would have imagined the book’s title would be the first giveaway. This is less a commentary about people’s ease and comfort with biblical references, than a testament to the truth that Eden has become a typical term in our society’s vernacular. It stands on its very own, independent from the Bible as a synonym for paradise.

In late Oct, I attended the Boston E-book Pageant as the two a presenter and an interested member of the viewers. My husband and I attended a intriguing discussion with Stephen Greenblatt, author of the recent e-book The Increase and Slide of Adam and Eve. In his great and scholarly book, Greenblatt examines the tale through history’s eyes: from the point of see of scholars, and artists, and poets and questions what it is about the tale of the Backyard garden of Eden that proves it to be “so tough, so widespread, and so insistently, [and] hauntingly genuine.” From exams of Durer’s art to Milton’s most famous work, it is a sensational e-book, which I recommend extremely.

The tale of Adam and Eve undoubtedly formed society’s concept of marriage: A gentleman shall leave his father and mother and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be a single flesh…. an best concept at that. The story goes on to supply imagery for what is excellent and what is evil. It offers us the initial documentation of sin. It gives fodder for the characterization of females as manipulative and conniving, and for men as laborers and providers. I would challenge someone to come up with a tale that is as impactful as this 1 on how culture defines our most elementary associations.

Its structure is ingrained in us, an archetype. There is a gentleman and a lady. They are placed in a paradise. There is temptation. They want a lot more. There is a decrease and an expulsion. They go on.

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