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They first hit the field in 2002, making the upcoming year the 12th seasonof their brief history. The followers of this team have gone through a lot of lean times prior to their recent success. Combined with the exodus of the Houston Oilers to Tennessee in 1997, those experiences have created a series of issues, topics and attitudes that are shared by all. When Texans fans congregate to discuss the current state of affairs and how they arrived at this point, these are the things that are bound to come up. At Least Bud Adams Is Gone NFL Photos/Getty Images /Getty Images Adams changed the face of professional football by being one of the founding members of the American Football League. Known as The Foolish Club , they established teams in cities where the NFL refused to expand. This pioneering spirit is easy to forget after Adams turned his back on the city that supported the Houston Oilers for 36 years. In 1994, then-Houston mayor Bob Lanier told him there would not be a new stadium initiative placed on the ballot . This was just a few years after the Oilers' owner wrangled $67 million in stadium upgrades in 1987 . The threat of moving the team to Jacksonville was all it took to get Harris County officials to capitulate. The city fathers were not going to give in once again when Adams demanded he get a new dome. Out of this impasse, the Tennessee Titans were born.

Lawrence: Citizenship is a verb: Texans, do your part!

They had to remove most of my jaw on my left side," Kelly said. "It's very, very sore, but it takes time. I know when you have knee surgery or shoulder surgery it's sore for a small period of time and rehab and everything is good and you just take your time." ***** CSI: North Attleboro. Over the weekend, Massachusetts State Police searched New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez's home for evidence. The State Police have turned their attention to the waters around the tight end's house. Hernandez appears to have destroyed evidence that would have aided the Odin Lloyd homicide investigation, and he's still a suspect in the case. Returning our focus back to football...what then happens to the Patriots if they are without Hernandez and Gronkowski for an unknown amount of time?

Houston has to win a tough contest or two early to set up for a winning streak later. 2. Pass defense Houston ranked 16th last season, the true definition of middle of the road. However, the Texans had issues stopping the better quarterbacks, getting carved up by Tom Brady . Granted, many teams have problems holding down the Bradys of the world, but it's paramount if the Texans are going to win a Super Bowl. 3. DeAndre Hopkins making no impact Hopkins was the first round draft pick of Houston in 2013, and he needs to at least make teams respect him. For years, teams have rolled coverage toward Johnson without any fear of being beaten on the other side. Hopkins has to take advantage of man-to-man coverage with no help over the top.

Continuity the hallmark of Texans' approach

Since 2008, just 44.7 percent of Houstons touchdown passes have been caught in the end zone. Thats the third-lowest number in the NFL over that span, ahead of only Arizona (39.3 percent) and Tampa Bay (41.8 percent). Over the past five years, heres the percentage of Texans touchdown passes thrown into the end zone: 2008: 61.9 2011: 45.0 2012: 31.8 Last season, when Houston made me crazy with its conservative play against the Bengals in that playoff win, just one of the Texans' seven red-zone throws was into the end zone. The Panthers caught 26.3 percent of their touchdown passes in the end zone in 2012, the low mark in the league. The Cardinals posted a 27.3 percent mark. The Texans, a team far better than Carolina or Arizona, were third-worst, at 31.8. At least they did some work to offset it defensively. They allowed the fifth-lowest percentage of TD passes thrown in the end zone at 37.9. And it's not as if the Texans were a complete passing dud.

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They like to control the clock to keep the defense fresh. As long as Foster stays healthy, the running game is in good shape. Receiver Andre Johnson is coming off one of his best seasons. The coaches are hoping the addition of first-round pick DeAndre Hopkins helps Johnson, especially in the red zone. After catching 112 passes for 1,598 yards and being targeted on a league-high 58.1 percent of the pass plays, Johnson shows no signs of slowing down. Weaknesses: The right side of the offensive line was mediocre at best last season. Right guard has been solidified by Brandon Brooks, entering his second year. Derek Newton, the starter at right tackle, is coming off surgery to repair a ruptured patellar tendon. They need him to be healthy and ready to improve in his third season.

On the Texans throwing into the end zone

As one recent book, "The Evolving Citizen," puts it, "The majority of young people today, as compared to older generations, believe that citizenship requires nothing special of an individual beyond simply being a good person." But meaningful citizenship does require something more. Certainly, the Colonists, Founding Fathers and revolutionaries that we honor on Independence Day believed so. We do not have to share their limited definition of who could be a rights-bearing citizen in order to embrace their animating idea: That representative government must be held accountable by vigilant citizens, and that democracy is worth serving, worth fighting for, worth sacrificing for. Or consider this phrase, taken from a letter shared with me by a fellow Texan - a letter from the U.S. Army sent to his father at the end of his military service during World War II: "You have seen in the lands, where you worked and fought and where many of your comrades died, what happens when the people of a nation lose interest in their government. Back in civilian life you will find that your generation will be called upon to guide our country's destiny. Opportunity for leadership is yours. The responsibility is yours." These ideals may seem less inspiring in an era marked by polarized politics, partisan media and a widespread sense that government is distant and unresponsive.

Victoria Texans roll to CRAFL bowl title

Error report or correction Originally published June 30, 2013 at 12:03 a.m., updated June 30, 2013 at 12:03 a.m. AUSTIN - Cordero Williams ran for two touchdowns and passed for two others to lead the Victoria Texans to a 42-12 CRAFL Bowl III win over the Galveston Monarchs on Saturday at the Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex. The Texans captured the Crossroads Amateur Football League championship with a 14-0 record. Williams, a Bay City graduate, was named the championship game's offensive MVP. The Texans' Doug Ford was the game's defensive MVP. Williams scored on touchdown runs of 2 yards in the first quarter and 52 yards in the second quarter.

Examining the Texans lack of touchdown passes to the end zone

Today, through the magic of ESPNs stat and info department, ESPN.coms Paul Kuharsky broke down numbers that showed the Texans throw passes to the end zone at one of the lowest rates in the NFL. Since 2008, only 44.7 percent of the Texans touchdown passes have been caught in the end zone, the third-lowest percentage in the league during that span. Last season in particular, the Texans were also third from the bottom with only 31.8 percent of their touchdown passes caught in the end zone. Only Arizona and Carolina were worse. Kuharsky also notes the Texans 22 touchdown passes last season werent much lower than the league average of 23.7, and their 56.1 percentage of red-zone touchdowns was still in the top half of the league. But this isnt a team thats happy with average as the Texans talk openly about their championship aspirations.