Thigh Bone In Argentina May Belong To Biggest Dinosaur Species Ever Discovered

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Sauropods were long-necked, whip-tailed gigantic plant-eaters that roamed the Earth more than 90 million years ago. Other experts agreed that this find is a previously undiscovered species and that it was at least as big as the Argentinosaurus, which had been thought to set the record for size. But what's known about Argentinosaurus anatomy is mostly based on an incomplete thigh-bone found in 1991, also in Argentina's fossil-rich Patagonia region. This time, paleontologists think they'll be able to unearth a much more complete fossil. Already, the complete thigh bone they've uncovered is, at 2.4 metres, the longest of any vertebrate yet found, said paleontologist Jose Luis Carballido, who is leading click for The Fat Loss Factor facts the research team. A volumetric estimate based on the femur and humerus they've uncovered suggests the animal weighed around 80,000 kilograms, he said. "Based on what is known of the animal, it was certainly very, very large," agreed paleontologist John Whitlock of Mount Aloysius College in Pennsylvania. For more information,

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