Thieves Stole My Honda Fit Wheels!

Honda Suit Insurance -- Would You Require - checkpoint safety contact us - It?In a word, YES. This specific is actually a picture involving my car, taken throughout July of 2012. I came out on a bright, sunny Saturday morning to locate my Honda Fit, that I had parked on the residential street within Chicago, well-balanced upon milk crates, with all 4 wheels gone. Honda Suit wheels tend to be probably the actual most popular wheels using thieves. Don't allow individuals jag-offs obtain yours!Honda fit Wheel Locks -- Yes, I Had Them.And your thieves went correct to the trunk, located the adapter thingie where I had stashed it, and also went right to work. Any mechanic friend regarding mine told me in which these guys tend to be pros, most likely moonlighting mechanics themselves, as well as that will - - any team regarding two thieves may steal the wheels off a new Honda In Shape throughout regarding 20 seconds.So yes, wear individuals locking lug nuts, but don't consider your current wheels are safe. These kind of dudes realize all the tricks, and will figure out a way to get individuals wheels off inside seconds.