These Are The Best Fitness Gadgets At Ces

Easier morning wake ups. No one likes their morning wake up call, but with their latest innovation, Withings is hoping to make yours a bit more pleasant. The Withings Aura (release: spring 2014, price: $299 for the first sensor, $129 for the second), the latest development from the maker of the clip-on Pulse activity tracker, looks to science for the best timing, sound and lighting for your morning wake up. As Withings CEO Cedric Hutchings tells the Daily Beast in an email, sleep is an essential part of the equation of a healthy lifestyle The Aura will help users see their sleep patterns in concrete form and help them learn what they do in their day to make it better or worse. Featuring a sleek, bedside light and a small mat placed under your mattress, the device will work seamlessly with other Withings products to provide a full understanding of your health. If CES is any indication, fit tech seems to be here to stay. More:

Razer Nabu, Smartwatch / Fitness Tracker Helps You Set Personal Goals, Challenges

At CES 2014, Razer introduced the Nabu, which is smartwatch and fitness tracker, but its possibilities could be endless. When used in smartwatch mode, the Nabu can receive notifications from users smartphones (both Android and iOS) like phone calls and text messages. It can also be used as a fitness tracker, capable of counting steps, hours of sleep, visited places and much more. Nabu is also perfect for setting personal goals, keeping track of them, monitoring their progress over time and analyze the improvements. The Razer Nabu has two screens, one of which being visible from the outside, while the other is hidden from the wrist. Users can program the device to recognize gestures such as the snapping of the fingers to pull the Nabu out of sleep mode. More:

2014 fitness trends you need to know about

Source: News Limited LOOKING for the best ways to work up a sweat and get that bod into shape this year? Look no further. 1. Aerial yoga Gravity is so 2013. This year is all about weightlessness. Source: Supplied If your regular yoga class is putting you to sleep why not take gravity out of the equation and mix things up? More:

Free Fitness Week

Exercise can be done at home; however, a person being in an exercise facility has a much greater chance of sticking with it. It is valuable being around others that desire to accomplish similar results and having the guidance needed. Its similar to the old saying, If you hang around bad apples, you probably will become a bad apple. Most have fitness equipment at home; however, the discipline required to use it consistently is extremely high and it is rarely used. Its much easier to stick with it if the social aspect is involved. While environment is important, Stan believes the second component required to achieve fitness goals is the most critical factor. To obtain and maintain the desired benefits, it must be a part of a persons lifestyle and done on a consistent basis. For that reason, it has to be convenient. More:

Ten fitness trends to try in 2014

During our ABC 7 Eyewitness News Saturday Morning, Wellness Manager Colleen Lammel-Harmon joined us live from one of the participating gyms: Hamlin Park Gym on N. Hoyne Avenue. Free Fitness Week Through Sunday, Jan. 12, 2014 Location: 71 Chicago Park District fitness centers, plus select field houses Hours: Vary per park Visit for a list of fitness centers, fitness classes and indoor pools with lap swim or call 312-742-PLAY. More:

Gold Star Fitness provides the 'critical' factor

Functional Training. Even though functional fitness sounds like something designed only for unfit individuals or people with injuries, it's not. In fact, every athlete, weekend warrior and gym rat should do some form of functional training in the weight room. It will help you to burn more calories all day long (even when you're not exercising) and remain injury free so that your training is never derailed. More: