Therepeutical options for the compulsive acts and the anxiety

If you need to heal the anxiety disorder, you should know that the right method to make it, should be to delete the real cause. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is something that causes intrusive ideas in the mind of the patient and in some situations, there are usually compulsive behaviours. Often the deep cause of the disorder is not discovered yet. But some professionals say that it consist in a result of personality and deep traumas. This is important simply because to erase its real cause has to be the best method to cure the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

The elements that are involved of this disease are social influence, a high degree of protection received by their parents, and the existence of childhood traumas, and things that are negative. The most important of all the factors that can create the Obsessive Compulsive disorder is the anxiety. Let's explain some examples of compulsive reactions, some rituals are:
Cleaning their hands over and over.
The acf of checking that windows are closed and other cases of examples.
To have a deep need to order objects in a particular way.
To have a deep need to make several mental rituals relating to think about orders of numbers or words and letters.

Lots of psychological treatments sadly are not as helpful as one could like and it is a consequence of the circumstance that most natural therapies, like behavioral therapy, frequently are not really able to cure the OCD. That can be a consequence of the situation than most psychological procedures are not able to delete the cause of obsessive acts. If we need to know how to cure the OCD we should know that you need delete the cause. The only treatments that are highly effective in the healing the the anxiety manifestation are the the bioneuroemotion and the energetical psychology. Those are something than work at the level of the subconscious mind. Once this is fixed, the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is going to be cured.

Let's deep into the power of psychoanalysis. It was created by the wise doctor Sigmund Freud, and strongly influenced by Carl Gustav Jung. It`s helpful to cure the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder because the psychoanalytical doctor makes the unconscious feelings to be conscious, and through this process they no more are are reinforcing the obsessive thoughts, and that makes the cure to get real. The problem is that it's a long treatment, because it is required a high number of days of therapy in order to feel the OCD to improve. It can make quite expensive to cure the obsessions if one choose the psychoanalysis.
For knowing how to cure the OCD is also the biodecodification. We can consider it a treatment that was developed by by Enric Corbera. It's a methodology that studies the factors influenced of our ancestors in our life, and one of its most valuable points are the analysis of the genealogical members in the clan.

Some of the most frequent examples of OCD are acts like the act of washing one's body several times a day, checking that the windows are closed, and to leave the objects in a certain way. It's also typical to clean the bedroom several times. It's done to maintain the house absolutely disinfected and free of bacterias. The patients know that all these rituals are not normal but they are not able to no not to do them. If they don't make the rituals they begin to have a lot of feelings of anxiety. In those cases, we can tell that the only system to stop it consist on making the act. help to reduce those levels of distress. Despite it, most times it doesn't heal the compulsive acts.

A lot of guys with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are not diagnosed therefore they don't dare to search for help. They know that they do rituals that are not psychologically healthy but they don't understand why, and what's the way to stop them. As you might know this is something very hard from the psychological point of view because the. These people are living a painful situation and they don't explain to other persons and the reason is that often they are being afraid of being crazy. In case you are a relative of someone who you think that can being suffer Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, the best thing you might make is have a talk with that person. You have to talk about this disorder and about the need of looking for help. It's too very important to show him your advise and. It's important to tell that person the fact that he won't be alone. It's something that can help a lot.