There's a whole market of prom dresses

A tulle skirt or bouffant gown features a puffed-out skirt made of sheer rayon or silk materials. Its flared skirt works great for hiding heavy cocktail dress legs. The ball gown is another elegant style that has a full skirt that starts at the waist and is floor-length.There's a whole market of prom dresses that are made perfectly for the plusses! Don't be ashamed of your figure; flatter it with a remarkable prom dress designed just for you. The empire waistline is very flattering if you have a thick waist or large hips. So is the A-line prom dress. These are comfortable and come in many styles, lengths, and colors. Try an empire waist style in one of these beautiful, bold colors to accentuate your figure: garnet, fuchsia, turquoise, lime, amethyst, emerald, or sapphire.Pleats create a look that's forgiving to almost any figure, but will add a unique beauty to your dress. Pleats that lay flat are recommended for plus sizes in combination with the empire waist for best results. For almost any style dress, opt forparty dresses embellishments such as flowers at the back of the dress, patterns in the material, beads and bows, or bands of sequins at the waistline. These can form lines to emphasize certain parts of your figure while de-emphasizing others!