there are all kinds of rules to follow

It's a little is strange, but the truth is, when it comes to a sista's hair, there are all kinds of rules to follow. Why do we put so much strength in the direction of our "do"? Some experts say that we from childhood subliminal messages are sent to look at what our hair "should". For some of us, that first subconscious message Barbie was. Every little girl wanted to be Barbie, because she had the dream car, the dream home, a nice friend, thousands of fashionable outfits and she had long, straight hair. So little black girls gave up ... o.k. nice clothes, I can these "check", nice car, I can do that, "check", sweet friend, "check", long, straight hair ... question mark. Even if you watched cartoons, what kind of hair have the characters have their ethnicity (such as skin color or voice-over was not enough) to distinguish? What kind of messages are shown in the advertising as the Dr. Miracle advertising? A woman is disgusted by her course mangled hair! From childhood we relate "black" hair with negative connotations and dire? Nappy, natural, thick, dry, etc. We learn that we must find ways to look at our hair "good hair" with Jerry curls, texturizres, pressing combs, hair straighteners, weaves, spins quickly, half wigs and make the infamous "creamy crack" to find the perm. I myself am on the "creamy crack" addictive. It can be a hard addiction to break. What happened to the "I'm black and I'm proud raised fist-high" era when we wore our afros and Afro Puffs proud. When we with what "white America", told us that we should look, saying how I look and what I have on my mind is well fed!