Therapeutic massage to shed weight with glass bottle.
Particular measures to shed weight:
The cleaned vacant glass bottles could be used to therapeutic massage, the acupuncture points of the bottle might be employed to drive, the physique can use the scroll technique to massage significant area parts.
Scroll using a one step to relieve discomfort

Follow: gently rolling the glass back again down on the foot arch to massage, observe the other foot can not be off the floor, 1 hand on the wall to keep stability. Scroll still left and appropriate, each about 5 toes 8 beat, conquer every single 1 eight intermediate could be a relaxation. Take note: under glass or towel to cushion rug to prevent slipping.

rolling up alongside the calf
Follow: doctor pointed it out that the calf is the area exactly where accumulate fat and edema simpler , therefore the focus of massage should be to assistance circulation, the bottle can be utilised to scroll up in the ankle to under the knee, remaining foot scroll, every single about five to 8-beat center of each 8-beat certainly be a relaxation.
Pat lateral leg
Exercise: the physicians have showed that you will find additional multi-lateral muscle on legs instead of fat, so relaxing massage concentrates on muscle tension and stiffness, enable legs look improved. Bottle at hand, gently tap together the lateral leg below the knee to above the ankle range, path and frequency of informal, can conquer backwards and forwards till you can feel the muscle tissues relax. Attention channel have to be gentle, to avoid damage.

Rear nip knee alleviate stress
Follow: put the empty bottle cross on your back knees , make use of the power from the knee nip, aid stimulate the back again of your knee knee knee, physicians stage it out that on account of posterior knee ligament emotion exhausted and sore, along with edema also happens inside the knee back again, so you can crimp to help stimulate circulation. To nip, loosen up gradually, repeat about five toes 8 beats, each and every 8-beat middle could be slightly off, not too hefty focus just the ideal street.