Therapeutic massage arms to lose weight

1, therapeutic massage the tiny finger root:

Even inhale, then straighten his ideal arm lifted towards the still left facet place, and after that lifted his still left hand bend remaining elbow, remaining hand fingers near with each other open up, remaining hand on the suitable hand palm, massage the small finger root of fifteen seconds, and again sides repeat action.

two therapeutic massage Zusanli:

Fist with both palms, lifted his still left arm bent elbow to the upper body position, higher arm and decrease arm was ninety degrees, after which elevated his proper hand on his left elbow on the inside on the elbow Press and hold the 3 Mile Stage, the motion for 15 seconds, then transform sides and repeat.

three, lateral arm massage:

Carry the still left arm bent elbow for the upper body place, higher arm and decrease arm was 90 levels, left hand naturally open, then elevate his ideal hand on his left arm, and after that to pulp Qingnie lateral arm muscle tissues, sustained motion 20 seconds, then swap sides and repeat.

4, the lateral joint arm massage:

Correct elbow bent, palms pressed on the still left facet of your abdomen place, after which elevate to elevate his remaining arm above the chest position, upper arm and lower arm was ninety levels, still left hand pressed on the outside of his right arm at the elbow, and after that therapeutic massage the palm upward homeopathy , the action lasts for twenty seconds, then swap sides and repeat.

5, therapeutic massage shoulder:

Elevate the still left arm stretched forward horizontally, then the best hand on the still left beneath the shoulders again, with the index finger, center finger and ring finger, little shoulder massage power, action for 15 seconds, then switch sides and repeat.