Theophilus London: Jewelry Designer?

When Vogue Italia chatted with rapping sensation Theophilus London at Hilfiger Denim Live, they had to ask what he was wearing. He responded, "Today. Any time you would prefer extra particulars for SITE TOPIC GOES HERE , come by , now.I'm wearing a piece from a jewellery [sic] collection I've been working on. The others are personal pieces I picked up traveling around - things I'm fond of. The hat is from my own company: LVRS." Jewelry, hats and a shoe collaboration with Cole Haan? London's side project as a fashion designer is pretty impressive, but also unsurprising as plenty - earrings online - of musicians, models and actors have clothing, beauty and accessory lines in their name. Why should we take him more seriously than the rest? This guy has some major style, and he has been doing his homework. The 24-year-old star's recent presence at Tommy Hilfiger's Fashion's Night Out event and in the front row at his Men's Spring 2012 show (amongst others including Imitation of Christ, Lanvin Mens and Carlos Campos) hint at the blossoming of a beautiful mentor/mentee relationship.While London appears to be dominating the realm of accessories, he has stayed shy of apparel design. Back in September London said of Kanye West launching a clothing line, "I think it's sick man, I totally back him. He actually emailed me this morning and invited me to the show, so I'm definitely going to hop on a plane in a couple weeks and be there for him. Have a look at doctor harry lopez's web blog - artificial jewellery - .He's Kanye, he can do anything." Maybe London can find the time to show West how it should be done. CloseGettyGettyGetty Images for IMGGetty Images for IMGGettyGettyWireImage for Tommy HilfigerGetty Images for Tommy HilfigerGetty Images for adidasGettyGetty Images for Tommy Hilfigers