Then, who be me.

For 6 months I have been single, having last dated and fallen in love with a tgirl for 2 years. I am not attracted to men at all however, gendered woman or females yes. I have yet to be with either other than to socialize with some traditional women in 6 months. I have no desire to be physical with a traditional woman but I love their company and interaction as any man would with a woman. The woman I dated accepted herself very well and used her inner feelings as a woman to be simply herself, nothing else. Well clothing and make up. LoL
The love this woman gave exceeded any love I had ever received in my prior 40 years of dating any traditional women. I hope there are a few of you lady’s out there who have accepted who you are and never find the need to change that. You may be surprised how special, beautiful, loving and unique you already are? I know I met one and she can’t be the only one. Love yourselves first, be yourself second and never change for anyone but yourself.
Have an extra great day.