The Way to Remove From Bikini Area

Of all the hair-removal methods available, epilation is the troubles. When the devices were launched in the '80s, they were truly instruments of torture, a row of digital tweezers that ripped out hair at the root with no idea for pain reduction and spun around. If your only experience with epilation is trying out your mum's decades-old apparatus (or hearing horror stories from other people who've used them in the past) it may be time to revisit the newer electrical beauty gadgets, which are a great deal more advanced and much less painful.

Why You Need to Epilate?
Like waxing, epilation removes the hair at the root, giving you much longer-lasting results compared methods such as shaving or depilatory creams. As an added bonus, epilators grab hairs, not skin won't remove fake tan. In short, you get longer-lasting results than shaving or creams, with less waiting period (and subsequent regrowth) than waxing. Plus you can do it in the comfort of your home.

How To Handle Epilator Pain?
I am not going to lie, epilating is not painless, as some ad campaigns would have you think. But neither is is the encounter. I've used various devices through the years and have seen the market move on dramatically, though I've never been a epilator. The more you do it, the more you can stand it, although it hurts a lot to start with. To help you work out if it is for you, as a beginner, I ran through the primary hair-removal places and listed the pain level from 10 (where 0 is no pain at all, 5 can certainly do this and 10 is I give up, this is too much). In terms of device, I used the Braun Silk-épil 9 (#180), which is among the more expensive options, but comes with a whole range of additional attachments and gadgets to help make epilating a simpler process.

Effective your epilation will be probably depends upon how much hair you want to remove. I was surprised at how much I could tolerate the pain. The epilator I use has.

For me the difficulty comes in maneuvering what is quite a large device to remove hairs in places that are intimate. If you're just looking to tidy up your bikini line, it's really great and a handy alternative for a wax if you are short on time, shy, or too lazy to reserve a salon appointment. If you're used to a Brazilian or Hollywood wax, you will have to be pretty good at contorting yourself into unusual positions. Possibly the best way to try epilating the bikini area for the first time may be to get a wax use an epilator. I was able to use a combination of razor and the epilator to get results similar to a bikini wax. Beyond that, I think there's a risk of grabbing skin, not hair.

Follow these tips to get the epilator experience.

1. Trim hair with clippers to prevent the strands from clogging the tweezers. The remaining stubble should be at most so the mechanical teeth can grasp the hairs properly.
2. If you move the epilator slowly, the pain will be extreme. It is going to require more attempts if you move it quickly over the skin. Regardless of what, get over the psychological barrier of inflicting pain.
3. The muscles in this bikini area can not keep the skin taut. With one hand holding the epilator, use another to keep the skin as level as possible so it doesn't get pinched and damaged from the rotating teeth.
4. Avoid using a epilator in the tub or shower since you need to see what you are doing down there.
5. One benefit of epilating is the re-growing hair is not and thicker bristly and that stubble is prevented. Be sure that you use hair conditioner to keep the emerging hairs are soft and healthy.
6. Try a soothing aloe vera lotion to cool the pores. Avoid using rubbing after-shave or alcohol unless you are a glutton for pain.