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Clinical is a result of robotic Nissen fundoplication show that final results like stay in hospital as well as surgical side-effect have been comparable to the standard laparoscopic approach. However, the automatic strategy has been associated with increased operative some time and procedural fees [25-27]. The application of the particular automated program to digestive tract surgical procedure has become centered throughout anus cancer malignancy surgical treatment [1, Twenty eight, 29]. Because the abilities from the operative software are generally at the maximum in complicated methods or perhaps surgical treatments about areas which can be a hardship on the typical laparoscopic approach, including the mediastinum as well as hips, the actual idet Vinci Medical Program has become popular pertaining to overall mesorectal removal (TME) in arschfick cancers. Different technical strategies happen to be presented as well as used, such as the single-stage completely robot TME [30], dual-docking automated TME [31, 32], as well as hybrid automatic TME [33, 34], which usually specializes in the pelvic stage merely. Whatever the method, the security as well as possibility of robotic TME for rectal cancer malignancy have been about [28, 33, Thirty-three, 35-39]. It's got comparable clinical and pathologic outcomes for you to laparoscopy. Lately, automated TME may be put on the widened quantity of operations, including a number of extremely demanding procedures including intersphincteric resection and also coloanal anastomosis for really low arschfick cancer [40-42], horizontal pelvic lymph node dissection [43], and pelvic exenteration regarding in your neighborhood sophisticated as well as recurrent rectal most cancers [44]. In addition, information from reviews possess pointed out achievement regarding sexual as well as voiding features and long-term oncologic benefits [45-48]. However some concerns, such as cost-effectiveness, remain to be fixed [49], the research with the potential benefits robotic surgery offers a number of challenging patients may possibly justify its elevated cost [50]. Prospective randomized multicenter trials known as ROLARR (RObotic Vs . LAparoscopic Resection regarding Anal Cancer) research as well as COLRAR (COmparison associated with Laparoscopic Vs . Robot-Assisted for Rectal Cancers) review have been in development [51, 52]. The part associated with robotics throughout intestinal tract medical procedures remains unfamiliar [53-55]. Although robotic systems can enjoy a job throughout complicated processes like D3 lymph node dissection or perhaps hand-sewn intracorporeal anastomosis, their benefits continue to be constrained as a result of extended surgical times and fees in comparison with traditional laparoscopic colon surgery. Your robot surgical treatment has additionally been put on ventral rectopexy regarding rectal prolapse or intussusception. Even though the files are limited, some reviews possess established that automatic ventral rectopexy remains safe as well as doable, and it will provide an appropriate mastering blackberry curve along with similar short-term benefits to traditional laparoscopic and also open up surgery [56-58]. The data pertaining to robotic ventral rectopexy remains to be corroborated through organized reviews.