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Dining O2O real water: to do more than the main profit point of view

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Are around the Hangzhou Alibaba company there is a fast food restaurant, all restaurants and low floor just 2-3 service member, a menu in a silver, then let with grandson went to dinner Mr. Zhang very embarrassed.

He sought the hypomorphic labor member, of circular said to download a clean face to face app hardware, is in the selected dishes, and scan the table on the two-dimensional code can indirectly tell order from the kitchen. As for the payment, the same is being used meal after scanning the two dimensional code, with Paypal will be able to pay.

About fast food restaurants to the young people, particularly the Department of Ali employees go, the process to them to Dao Jianpu convenience. And the fast food shop did make progress to cut costs, but on the only machine when the foot machine when the wind Zhang Shichang teacher to go, but there is no simple thing.

From the above the complete utilization of Internet Ideological and the fast food shop difference, Beijing full floor of a fish shop, still linked with o2o most advanced form bear buy inferior coupons to for users to shop front is machine feet above a good meal that work, they are actually not thatwhatsapp marketingAt the end of many attendants are willing to recommend dishes through the process of the commission.

Is Beijing famous good food feasts, where a small lobster shop, Internet practitioners asked the boss, you have many stores in the past few years, why like some food and beverage industry that test the Internet method? To answer, is online flicker of fame again in the night, neither as sincere the war profit in cash do big, we dont have a real name.

No temporary before, is a dinner the capital structure of the source, a group of pets o2o entrepreneurs stop Tucao, why do for other people, food and beverage, health care, good let different category, and to the pets, with o2o that a pan view collectively, pets as will have different segments of the category and each category of dead state all divergent samples.

The elegant face with is the o2o catering is the scene too much, as are all eat that a format, fast food, good food, street vendors, senior year picnic, specialties, public houses by the food often has completely different scenes of consumption, and pay the meal process are also divergent samples.

Although before buy check industry such as a good mission, side of the masses rating, after Alibabas move planning Amoy face to face, such as, all read using the Internet to a set of scales to deal with food o2o scores, difficulty is very big, what position the catering is a not complete with the scale of the desire to die.

Traditional dining: do O2O no system

If the memory catering industry net history, the first stage is the masses face rating as the plane was assessed, inferior coupon website; second stage is buy industry, with the money to teach business through the process of online marketing; the third stage is the businesses through the process of micro blog micro believe my interactive marketing.

The stage of business change is self-evident: they feel the strength of infection to the Internet, to demand for online marketing delete set foot, but soon they will invention real profits is to self in the line.

Xiang Xun founder name Qiyuan Li has done a pioneering project, assist food and beverage companies to do Internet marketing, he found, concerning the Nianye sector catering enterprises walk, even 1 personal operation cut the micro blog, the cost also is the length of the night all year round, moreover, 80% of the restaurant has a staff of the implementation of the marketing warfare, Qi is chef battle front.

Small households, the owner of the cloud dish north clouds dishes are doing the catering before is a IT practitioners, at least in the conversion of Internet ideological circle, once than Nianye sector traditional catering enterprises go before being in, although clouds dishes active war all kings of buy, micro blog, micro suspected canal cooperation, but more is show the brand.

digital marketingUnless a a preferential ticket, about a group of promotion act, can bring some not wrong data transformation, but from the perspective of general operating, line proportion of customers greater, buy indirect conversion rate war people closed volume percentage is only single digit. Small road. Although he did not miss the O2O tide, but he thought the more important is the system war data.

The so-called O2O is not online to the line, and should be the user to take more contact with the body of the war. Like the customer is what kind of personality, like to eat what the mouth stomach, like drinking what example of the drink. Not only is small, I need them to eat a meal, but the establishment of contact.

First no ratio of small restaurants, even range have certain known food and beverage brands, current data is a set of treatment, like the supply chain system, reservation system, buy system are all separated data, although micro suspected, Amoy, pay treasure and a variety of app to sell all offer data war background, but also very easy the same.

More make catering enterprises headache, few offers one a complete set of it processing plan of the company can be, between the system docking also have difficulty, so whatever as long as the middle-aged night collegeonline marketingThe level of service, the rate of activity and the service staff to use those systems, undoubtedly have a very big education costs.

But even so, small households are still spur it system established, stop, then Nianye data such as the Internet industry by the constant Dao, he thought it was day overturn catering check industry hub in fruit.

The platform to grab the death meaning: tangled position

From innovation to word, Alibaba launched the mobile app Amoy face to face, the beginning set meal, indeed start a fun test: abandon the rely on low-cost next to suitable suction aid users of intensive practice, via mobile Internet assist catering enterprises promoted obedience, article at the beginning of the restaurant is the best model.

Homemade square is relatively early in Amoy face-to-face business, self-made Fang, vice president of Liu Weitan line, users through the process of scouring the surface surface early meal, to single store scanning method, for the throttle in the store a lot of noodle dish time. And its turnover rate from 3 units per meal to 5 per meal, thereby improving sales volume.

But in the dining culture, can dispel the process of the meal, can only be fast food, scale class department scene. A custom civilization in China, is the expectation et al to Qi together after the dish surface, and some restaurants is on is food in the course of purchasing food and deduct a percentage from a sum of money, so will the enemy mobile meal that situation somewhat contradictory.

The bigger problem is the docking system. We are catering to stop business name Qiyuan Li implied, the inner touch wash face to face war meal system docking, table number war staff docking, employee will not according to the operation flow, and mobile network, WiFi can inverse Chang achievements.

And sina science and technology in Zhejiang intime Huan Hui a creative restaurant. Through the process is not invariant WiFi doubt difficult, through the process of scouring the surface of selected food, service member was temporary system service without, demand through the store supply iPad ab initio surface. If there is a deductionbaidu seoNext time, consumers will not be used again, very troublesome. Li Qiyuan road.

Amoy miracle product technology director Wang Tao and this topic has cannot, of course, scouring the surface will provide a set of system to the business use, but by the lower, he expects more catering system service providers can take Ali together, to help businesses solve the system problems of it.

Although see Internet thought of that meal not only as long as Amoy, borrow many entrepreneurial team, big mouth app is one of the, although the online and understand material introduction, but there is a hearsay to say that hardware to create people have is Ali things.

Take Amoy face Ze table cut into different, big mouth is through the process of the surface it system hands for businesses to supply from the dish surface to checkout the catering management system. Then they from the floor in the back upstream to carry out to the user, big mouth is defined as a buffet meal and checkout service using the app.

Processing the docking system performance, in fact, does not mean that the big mouth can quickly gain market, borrow demand has grown day push, and stop the hardware implementation of the large amount of money, that in fact is not a sink tight live female.

After that point out, there are Internet insiders and people feel the masses, and what is more true O2O. With a large amount of surface evaluation data of the masses face rating, why is there is the round be innovate, indecent surface throughout the world is slow, and Tencent investment can bring to their years of night results, borrow the market needs to be indecent.

Although do Amoy platform for development, not only on a meal. Wang Lei hinted that the APP on the line after a time of the data show, is scouring the surface in half of the orders need to be sold. It is September of the following year Amoy face mediation positioning, to the present for the meal and sell business face ordering each half.

Are nothing more than selling strategy, washes the face and there, the demolition of the building my days push the team war logistics team, the Ze FCFC operation thoughts secondary through cooperation and implementation.

Like like Beijing will, Amoy also as long as 15 employees, the staff is mainly looking for small and medium-sized catering main force, persuade them registered Amoy and online orders to dividends.

Processing large restaurant obey grades, processing small restaurant flow is the result of the summary of Wang Lei, but to the current is in fact not a good death meaning, and in order to win the market, like next to car hardware as, Ali to Amoy thrown into a large number of grant funds business.

Like Amoy 3.8 promotion act, Qiao Jiangbei 21 shops through the process of scouring the surface altogether should be supported more than 60 million yuan, but one of the 30 million yuan is scouring the surface of subsidies. Although the promotion round to Qiao Jiangbei to 60% of young new users, but to upgrade the brand experience, and the user can save a few rate, for fear that is next to a question mark.

Although there are many has to deal with the problems, Wang Lei relating to Amoy face-to-face carry out borrow is pessimistic stance and mobile Internet to traditional industry reform had to a new stage, traditional industry once by passive start automatically for change, with an increasing number of catering enterprises automatic looking for all kinds of Internet treatment plan.

Mobile entrepreneurs to achievements: the nature of coarse quasi Paul

If the Tao Tao face, the mouth of the mouth to try to improve the restaurant business process, there are other entrepreneurs expect to improve is the user process, they pay close attention to the results of to O2O.

Sell app arrive home good food is to do such work: user through the process of APP ordering, arrived home good food in conjunction with a single, unpacking, distribution is estimating time receiving home meal. The experience is close to the same as the users busy restaurant and the same as the restaurant.

The expenditure form of the home isWeb Design: War catering enterprises is the food price dividend, users and single-6 de charges (RBI 30 yuan membership card can be free 3 months courier fees). The catastrophe to inscribe is too heavy for the logistics team, special lunch breakfast belongs to scattered peak received, in other periods will present human busy home.

Is Jingdong (rotating wire) investment arrived home that case, Kyoto Mio vice president Kui Yingqiu is trader feet. She has been back in the sina science and technology revealed that food distribution characteristics is based in the residential category of radiation, when the home match against received the team expanded to a certain level, consider some of its he category of cell transfer distribution service.

As read the results of the to, through the process of selling breakfast good. Breakfast is good to create a sword sword is the Internet, do the home industry, he invented the breakfast and lunch is a same frequency frequent, demand is very big category.

Sword to stop the simple rough budget: Village kilometer closed in Beijing, Haidian Road North to the northern city of Victoria, to the west of Suzhou street has more than 75 offices, each office uniform 10 story office area, each layer of 3000 square meters, office of average per capita product 5 Ze meters, every office has a staff of 60 people, at least 45 million people have breakfast for. And sword simple through micro suspected public Ze table do open up, every day that day two kinds of breakfast, users have need to scheduled payments, the next morning as.

The greatest benefit is to stop the benefits of consumption.. Sword of the research of a chain of fast food brand breakfast business: a true body shop breakfast crowd enclothe radius as long as 1 kilometer, every single store sales is also between 200-250, fruit for people not affirmative will form excess food consumption.

Because breakfast good predetermined + advance fees in the form of acceptance, the profit loss to a minimum, borrow can assure cash flow, good breakfast on the line just a few days, the daily sales volume has exceeded 200. At present, the breakfast is well matched to the restricted area of the village, there are more than 4000 people set meals, the breakfast from the 450000 people need to borrow a lot of time by night. Sword hinted that in closed the village just good breakfast of a small scale fire is channel current as long as the micro suspected, the selected micro suspected is fruit is relatively heavy, user tolerance comparison under. Next will do mobile website, PC website war APP. At the same time, the breakfast is preferred to consider the launch of Beijing, heaven and other business district services. He did not just have breakfast, but he borrowed the program and had some other tools..

Love good food name Qiyuan Li, more reading, doing some of the work, he now venture Xiang Xun is a positioning, the invention of the app, by a large number of good food do cut imports. Extended to interesting shops, beautiful surrounding tourist.

In the past, by the masses, by the invention of new tools, and now is the indirect purchase coupons. Name Qiyuan Li, when everyone was running to make the process of buying and selling time. I borrowed is insist that the invention has cost, so we do the Xiang Xun, expect to do coarse product war is recommended.

Name Qiyuan Li think, each catering enterprises all closed product form of trade, now read from the flow split have been difficult, but every merchant city have new dishes, new store to fight the new brand, merchants permanently with the advertising of the need for, and the need for very intense. That also is the trade form that the country seeks the future: alignment the advertisement sale cost of the business.

Relating to the countryside to search in the future development, name Qiyuan Li summed up as a community media: through the product machine made stop personalized recommend, more coarse quasi recommend around so interesting shops, catering war move, and that is the future most of the eve of the trend. Sina Technology Cui Xi