The ups and downs

Well, after surviving a blistering week of heat I was feeling kind of smug about how my body was coping.  Key word was!  Now not so smug.  I suppose it's my own fault as I asked to much of my body especially after the hot week.  Sigh.  It seemed like such a manageable task to sort through boxes, rearrange furniture, catch up on laundry, etc etc.  A year ago it would have been just a busy weekend now as I sit here typing I realize just how much I over did it.  Another big sigh.  I think the most frustrating part of this crazy health snag in my life is that I'm just not ready to stop being so active and busy.  Is anyone ever ready? Likely not but it's not even a slowing down it's just the abrupt inability to do some seemingly simple things.  I'm going to go to bed and pray that when I wake I will have the mobility I need to go to work as planned.  I pray all the folks facing the same struggles I am find the inner strength to keep getting through each day.