The United States Needs To Ensure That Israels Conventional Military Capabilities Become Stronger Re

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Iran supports the Assad regime in Syria and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. It supports the Houthi rebels in Yemen, who have violently overthrown a democratically elected government. It propagates violence and terrorism throughout the Middle East. We are now in a period when more must be done for Israel to retain its Qualitative Military Edge (or QME), a legally binding American commitment to ensure that Israel can overcome any combination of credible conventional military threats against it. Last month, Russia lifted a ban on the sale of spin mop deluxe review missiles to Iran and decided to right here deliver to Iran a sophisticated air-defense system. The United States needs to ensure that Israels conventional military capabilities become stronger o cedar spin mop review relative to those of Iran, not weaker. Additionally, the issue of QME relates to the American desire to boost the military capabilities of its Gulf allies; in order to do this while not violating QME law, the president may need to proportionally strengthen Israel. This in part explains why the administration recently announced that it would provide Israel with new F-35 fighter jets, and it further underscores the need for Israel to here obtain MOPs. Some may argue that regional instability and sensitive negotiations make this the wrong time to introduce new weapons into the Middle East.

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