The Try This, Get That Information On Saving for children future is an innovative concept that allows mothers and fathers to create a meeting for any occasion, distribute invitations via e-mail for the event, create a registry for their baby, and merge a savings account so that monetary gifts could be deposited into their account in a matter of mins. On top of that it can all be achieved in a single place with a few clicks. And for the gift givers, it takes the guesswork out of gifting and gift givers are gratified that their gift is helping the childs longterm future.
Meet the Founders
Met is an entrepreneur who else has jumpstarted 3 successful start-ups. His revolutionary ideas and problem solving nature is the reason for his success. He's got a detail oriented work style - save for your child's future while they enjoy the present - and has experience of several . 5 decades being an entrepreneur and in product sales management.
Inna worked in property management for Real Estate Businesses. She left her job once she became a mom in 2010 2010 and now as a mom of three kids she can relate to saving for childrens long term more than ever.
Both Met and Inna have become a formidable team and created a remedy which allows parents to save lots of because of their childrens future, and not fall victim of unneeded and unwanted gifts!
1. Parents create an event for a birthday, holiday, or any other reason.
2. Set up a gift registry from our large selection of gifts.
3. Enter savings or bank checking account information in order that cash gifts could be deposited straight into the account.
4. Upload your guest list for the function by choosing contacts via Facebook, Google Plus or manually.
5. Once family and friends receive your emailed invitation, they select a standard budget, and a gift from the preselected registry. The total amount of the entire budget minus the cost of gift, shipping and the purchase present save convenience charge will be deposited in to the savings or checking account.