The Top 10 Best Foods For Burning Belly Fat


Studies have also shown that having a regular diet with foods containing MUFA can prevent belly fat. 6. Lamb - Lamb contains vitamin B, protein, zinc and trytophan. This is certainly a better option to processed or canned meat, and is a healthy source of protein. Lamb contains conjugated linoleic acid. According to Dr. James Howenstine, author of "A Physician's Guide to Natural Health Products That Work," low levels of conjugated linoleic acid in the body can lead to obesity since dietary fat cannot be used as energy and is moved into cells resulting in fat storage. Editor's note: I cannot condone eating lamb due to humanitarian reasons. Lambs are mammals, and it would be far less damaging to living beings if you chose to eat a simpler lifeform instead, such as fish. 7. Tart cherries - In a study conducted by the University of Michigan, it was found that a diet containing tart cherries may help lower symptoms of heart disease and metabolic syndrome. For more information, visit

Dr. Oz talks thyroid boosting and fat-burning detox diet weight loss supplements

Only a doctor can perform the blood test to check if you need prescription medication. But Dr. Oz says that foods high in zinc, selenium and iodine can help your thyroid perform more effectively. He recommends: Dulse Flakes : Sprinkle on salad or popcorn to benefit from these iodine-rich pieces of seaweed. Miso Soup : A good source of zinc, one cup a day can satisfy your hunger and benefit your thyroid. Vitamin A: Enjoy foods such as sweet potatoes. Brazil Nuts: High in selenium, two delicious Brazil nuts a day can do the trick. On the same episode, Dr. Oz featured the 10-day detox diet, based on the book by Dr. Mark Hyman: " The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet: Activate Your Body's Natural Ability to Burn Fat and Lose Weight Fast" (click for details ). You can use the holistic, natural fat-burning and weight loss supplements from that detox diet to boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite safely and effectively, says Dr. For more information, visit

L-Carnitine as a Natural Fat Burning Food Supplement

It is found naturally in foods including avocados, dairy produce and red meats (beef and lamb). L-carnitine's primary function in the body is in the process of food and in particular fats. It transfers fat molecules called triglycerides into mitochondria which is used as a source of energy in the body ( Many scientific studies have been done on L-carnitine and it's possible health benefits to the body. There is some evidence that supplementation can improve the cardiovascular system as well as a number of other health benefits. In sports nutrition and health supplements it is taken to help with fat burning, improving metabolism and energy and reducing muscle fatigue ( Clayton South , Supplementing L-Carnitine May Help to Burn Fat The known function and benefits of L-carnitine has led many to supplement with additional doses of the amino acid. General guidelines suggest that between 2 and 4 grams (2000 - 4000mg) is an acceptable daily intake. Studies have shown, according the the University of Maryland, that supplementing with L-carnitine can reduce fat mass, increase lean body mass and reduce fatigue although there is limited evidence to suggest that it can have a positve effect on exercise performance. Other studies acknowledged by the University of Maryland showed that there were some possible benefits of L-carnitine in treating Alzeimer's sufferers and some promising results for those suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) however it is clear that more research is required. Interestingly studies have also shown that supplementation of L-carnitine can also improve male erectile dysfunction. Low sperm counts have also been linked to low levels of L-carnitine in the body (Source: University of Maryland ). For more information, visit

Natural Calorie Burning Foods

Most of these foods are high in fiber content, which is considerably more difficult to digest than many other types of foods. The result is that you can actually burn more calories than you consume. It should be noted though that the concept of negative calorie foods is somewhat controversial. According to Dr. Donald Hensrud of the Mayo Clinic, although it is theoretically possible to have negative calorie foods, there are no reputable studies to prove that certain foods are negative calorie or that they actually aid in weight-loss efforts. Vegetables The first step in the process is learning which foods are considered food burners. The trick is to stick with foods that are low in calories but high in volume. According to information found at the Mayo Clinic, it's a good idea to increase the ratio of fruits and vegetables in your meals. For example, top off pasta with sauteed vegetables in tomato sauce. Or add berries to breakfast cereal. Vegetables that should be eaten more often include asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, endive, green beans, onion, papaya, radishes, spinach and zucchini. For more information, visit