The time change

Sunday evening. Should be rested. Today was the time change, which made the day shorter, sort of. At least waking up at my usual time was actually an hour earlier. Now the clock says 11:00 PM but just 24 hours ago, it was only 10:00 PM. I'm not yawning yet. I am still awake. I can feel my mind getting tired though. This morning I got up early and got all my camera gear loaded into my car. I scheduled a photo shoot for 9:00 this morning so that I could get the early morning light. The light was great. The photo session was at a glamorous strip malls. Real nice. But since it was really only 8:00 in the morning, it was cold. By the time the shoot ended, my fingers were numb. I felt sorry for the model. She could not even wear gloves or a coat. She must have been frozen.  After the shoot I came home and unloaded the pictures from the flash cards and onto my computer. After looking at the pictures, I can see it was all worth it. As I type my nightly journal now, the pictures are being uploaded to my gallery on my website.  This afternoon after I was finished working on the pictures, I sort of just sat around and slept a little. Not a good use of time, but I had no where to go. Later in the day I did get up to go and look at the location where I have to shoot a wedding in a couple of weeks. But that was the extent of my day. I tried calling members of my family but they weren't home or didn't answer their phones. I also stopped by to see a friend but sort of didn't work out well. I was there for only a few minutes and then left. A lonely day other than this morning. Not that I don't need some down time, but I want the down time to come when I want it to, not because I have no available family or friends.  It's lonely. Now I need to shut off my computer and lights and close my eyes. Maybe I will dream of better days. Good night.