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Here are a few ways real estate agents are using new technology to move houses: #1 Load up Instagram and other social sharing apps on your smartphone and use them! If you want to end up high on the leaderboard of websites like Rate My Agent , you need to know how to play with the big boys. Super-agent Fredrik Eklund uses social media not only to display his personal life, but his Instagram page also features fabulous photos of newly listed properties for sale. One such photo of an $11 million condo with Eklund posing in the bathtub, fully clothed and showing off the amazing skyscraper view drew a real buyer prior to the broker even listing the place for sale. #2 Use Google Glass for virtual tours and videos If you search for Google Glass and real estate or realtor, youll begin learning a plethora of new ways that innovative home sellers are using the electronic glasses to pitch homes. From offering virtual home tours to recorded events, Google Glass benefits homebuyers by not requiring people to meet their realtors in person at a variety of potential new home locations in order to check out the property. Uses of the Google Glass product can include providing a lot more virtual access to clients everything from contract viewing to more convenient home touring and that faster, instantaneous access spells higher sales for agents ahead of the techy game. #3 Buy a drone for revolutionary home touring Kiplinger reports that plenty of industries are chomping at the bit, salivating over the day that the FAA officially declares drone use legal for commercial purposes. One of the industries that will benefit from drone use is the real estate industry, with talk of how luscious videos of drones swooping around a property with ease can be created. Just imagine a realtor being able to fly a drone all around a house and record a video that shows the homebuyers everything from the chimney, roof shingles, backyard and all around the property in a way that no other video could. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

**Greater investment property ownership Investors flooded the middle market after real estate hit bottom during the financial crisis, gobbling up foreclosures and short sales at bargain basement prices and converting them into rentals further squeezing what little affordable inventory exists within these markets. **Lack of available land In the most desirable neighborhoods within San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco, land is scarce. And when there is development in such neighborhoods, it often involves tearing down a $1 million home and replacing it with one that is three times more expensive. While this is good for surrounding homeowners who see the value of their properties go up it makes the broader market more challenging for prospective buyers. **Foreign buyers inflating prices From locating a property to negotiating price to going through each exhaustive step of the mortgage process, buying a home often takes months. But for wealthy foreign buyers seeking the safe haven of US-based hard assets, and making all-cash offers to sweeten their deals, it only takes weeks. And by frequently going above market prices in their offers, foreign buyers have helped drive up the price for everyone else. San Diego, CA (Photo credit: Herb@Victoria) Without question, California is an extreme case. Many markets around the country are subject to more rational price pressures. In Dallas and Atlanta, for example, it is still very possible to find affordable real estate in desirable neighborhoods. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

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If you have a suggestion for a staff-written obituary, please send an email to Headlines Hurricane Coverage See the full forecast and storm coverage Real estate experts offer tips at Miami Herald residential boot camp By Chabeli Herrera The Miami Herald A panel of Miami real estate experts offered tips on buying and selling to a crowd of about 160 prospective customers Thursday at the Miami Heralds residential real estate boot camp. The group gave advice on what to consider when looking for a home, the importance of hiring an appraiser and an insurance agent, where to buy condos and how to avoid incuring hidden costs. Homebuying, mortgage, appraisal and insurance experts assessed the state of the twisting and turning home market. Overall, Ron Shuffield, President and CEO of EWM Realty, said there has been a rise in inventory, by 25 to 50 percent since the recession. If your budget is lower, there are values in every price range, he said. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

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