The Skyline View : 3d Printer In New Media Lab

Both Professors will be in charge of operating the new lab. A new labwill be unveiled in the fall at Skyline College where digital art studentswill have access to a 3D printer and a number of other technological tools forcreating digital artwork. In addition to the Art departments new digital media lab, there will also be a new class offered in the fall semester called Art 431: Raster image design. Art 431 will be taught by Professor Amir Esfahani. Construction of the new digital arts lab is currently scheduled to be built in building two by Fall 2014, students enrolled in Art 430: Intro to digital art and Art 431 will be able to utilize Wacom drawing pad tablets, large display computer monitors, a large format color printer and a 3D printer in the new lab space. Students interested in taking digital art are encouraged to begin with Art 430, a class focused on teaching students the fundamentals of using computer programs and software to produce digital media. Art 431 is the follow up course to art 430, and will focus specifically on Professor Paul Bridenbaugh and Professor Amir Esfahani will both teach art 430, and jointly operate the new digital media lab.

Why fraud-free digital ad campaigns are the next big thing | VentureBeat | Marketing | by Dean Harris

Send to: Separate multiple addresses with commas Subject: Check out this article! Your Name: Send me a copy of this email Invalid Captcha, please re-enter Privacy Policy A few weeks ago, there was a piece in AdAge that spoke to the strategic advantages of selling online digital advertising fraud-free. Its easy to be cynical about such an idea it will never happen, people in the industry dont want it to happen, it already should have happened but thats really missing the point. Digital media represents an industry where buyers routinely do not get what they pay for. If you go into a bagel store and order a dozen bagels, you better damn well have 12 bagels (or maybe 13) in your bag when you get home. But digital media is a little different. Buy 10,000,000 impressions and you might get 7,000,000 impressions that actually can be seen by human eyeballs.