The Shocking Costume Bash

I was recently shifted to a fresh town, and I was sitting around in my empty apartment wondering what I was going to do for entertainment that evening when this bump came at my front door, and it was my next door neighbor asking me to a uniform celebration.
Naturally, I'm always up for a good occasion, but I was a little taken aback when she pointed out it was a costume party, since I'm not really good at making up outfits, and since it was nowhere near Halloween, I didn't really think I could go out and buy a uniform.
When I showed up at the get together, I was immediately shocked beyond recognition, since I was sort of expecting some kind of half thrown together outfits, but folks were sporting these magnificent creations that had seemingly come straight from the sixteenth century.
I had only got a bright linen, and threw it over my head and pretended that I was some kind of spirit, but for some reason they thought this was the best idea they'd ever seen.
But the thing was that when ghosts show up, they don't wear bed sheets, they just wear whatever clothes they were donning when they died, which is why I was kind of confused.
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Naturally, when the ghosts in my residence showed up after the social gathering, I told them what happened and we all had a good laugh, which ghosts usually do, since they have a pretty good sense of humor.
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