The Serendipitous Chance Discovery of the Genius of Motti Eisenbach

Last week I was visited by Serendipity:
I was walking near my home in Los Angeles, California and came across a business card that I saw lying on the sidewalk, face up. I picked up the card and noticed the name of one Motti Eisenbach who is apparently a master grammarian and businessman. I didn't understand the connection between "Master Grammarian" and businessman, so I decided to investigate further.
I called the mobile number of Motti and arrived to a voicemail that instructed me to go to a particular web site. I did so. The web site redirected me to a certain blog and I was intrigued at what I read.
The blog talked about subjects in grammar, and this particular page discussed "Sentence Fragments" and the rules involved - but I still didn't understand the connection between Grammar and Business.
I decided to contact this Motti by calling back the telephone number and I left a message. I hope he calls me back to explain because I am very curious and intrigued and my curiosity will not be satisfied until I get answers.
English - Motti - grammar is not an easy subject to master. Finding people that have spent a lot of time and effort on the subject is even more rare to find. Sometimes they are known as "gramamr nazis". On the card Motti was clear that he was against this form of forcing these grammar rules upon others and he thinks this is a very ineffective way to teach. Keeping things fun, interesting, and unique is the way people in general learn better. I love the fact that he thinks this way as I do.
In my never-ending search for knowledge I always am impressed with the specialists that I find in every field. The hunger for knowledge never ends. I have travelled from Manila Phillipines to Los Angeles to Toronto and London. In every city and location there is always varying opinions on how things should be done and I am always happy and exciting when I can find someone such as Mr. Eisenbach who has a similar viewpoint.